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Ontario Old hickorys and dads cleaver

Discussion in 'Knives' started by Djcala, Jun 27, 2018.

  1. Djcala

    Djcala .30-06 Supporter

    20180627_081546-1.jpg Ive been doing some moving this week up to new home from ALabama, i had been missing pops old meat processing tools for a couple years. Haha success Im very happy today. Need to do a little remedial cleaning and lubing but all is well in the world. Some USA Ontario made old hickory for your viewing as for the cleaver its heavy and old no maker marks ibever found ?
  2. meanstreak

    meanstreak .30-06 Supporter

    Nice collection. It's amazing what we find during a move. It's always something we put away so as not to lose it.
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  3. dieselmudder

    dieselmudder .30-06 Elite Member "Philanthropist"

    I've got some of those Old Hickory's myself, I think I bought them from the website as blemishes. Nice knives.
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  4. John A.

    John A. I'm "THAT" guy Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator

    Yeah, that brings back a lot of memories.

    Glad you found them.
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  5. nitesite

    nitesite Sheepdog Moderator "Philanthropist"

    Great collection.

    Old Hickory are amazing knives that everyone can afford.
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