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opinions on problems with my new 930

Discussion in 'Mossberg 930 Autoloader' started by pgb205, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. pgb205

    pgb205 Copper BB

    took out my 930 to the range for the first time today (after giving it a thorough cleaning)

    Had several unexplained issues and am concerned that they are caused by mostly my inexperience with shotguns (although gut feeling says its the weapon)

    1. bolt should only lock back after there is no more rounds in the feed tube.
    However, I've experienced several cases where it would lock back even with rounds left.
    2. This happens even when I try to manually cycle the rounds from the tube. IE yank the charging handle back to eject all the rounds.
    3. I've experienced several cases of double feeds (pic attached) which were difficult (I'm being nice here) to clear. one of the rounds is on the elevator and one is coming out from the tube back to back. I can't yank on the handle or lock the bolt to release the pressure. the only way is for me to pry them apart with my fingers for one of them to finally feed into chamber and another to fall out.

    4. This one i don't think is a problem. But I thought I'd ask anyway
    When bolt is locked back I am unable to feed rounds into tube. I can't move the elevator upwards. But I can feed directly into chamber and press bolt release button. then feed into the tube.

    PS: rounds used were Estate, Winchester, Federal. 2 3/4 between 1140 and 1240 fps.

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  2. OhioLefty

    OhioLefty Copper BB

    I think what you are describing in #4 is normal operation for the 930.
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  3. usmc1963

    usmc1963 .410

    I had a double feed one time when I put to much oil on the shell release were it makes contact with the shell. #4 is the way it's designed. Not sure why but some 930's have some strange issues until a couple hundred rounds are put through them then they seem to clear up.
  4. Green Sub

    Green Sub .410

    FWIW, I would run a hundred 2 3/4"1240 fps shells through it.

    What version 930 did you buy?

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