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OR3GUN Follower Comparison Pictures

Discussion in 'OR3GUN' started by OR3GUN, May 8, 2015.

  1. OR3GUN

    OR3GUN Sponsor Sponsor

    It can be difficult to tell the size and profile of a follower without others to compare to, so we did an old fashioned line-up for you:


    From left to right: Nordic, OR3GUN, Dave's, GG&G, Mossberg V1, Mossberg V2

    As you can see, our Enhanced Competition Follower was designed to fill a gap between the shorter OEM style followers and the greatly extended versions like those of Nordic, RCI and others. The OR3GUN follower peeks out a bit more than others when the gun is empty and provides good contrast against typical shot shells at 'show clear'.


    Incidentally, since it was designed from start to finish in Oregon, it also has the largest drain hole, as you can see in this view from the top.


    All of the edges of the OR3GUN follower have been rounded, rather than chamfered, which helps to prolong the life of the anodizing and teflon seal. It was designed to have a good balance of features, but stops short of simply hiding major flaws in tube alignment and transitions. We also made sure that the interior of the follower would accommodate the widest range of factory and aftermarket springs.

    We have introduced the ECF at just under $20, so the art of finding the perfect follower for finicky tube/spring length combinations won't eat up too much of your money if it doesn't help your 930 swallow that extra round you were hoping would fit. It has been shown to still allow FULL capacity in the 24" JM Pro with factory magazine spring.



  2. Waitster

    Waitster Semper Paratus

    If my JM comes back with the new barrel... I need the whole OR3GUN package :)
  3. DHonovich

    DHonovich Founder Staff Member Administrator Sponsor "Philanthropist"

    I can't wait to try one out in my 930!
  4. Longshot725

    Longshot725 .22LR

    Ordered the follower and Multi Use MST on Monday. My order shipped Tuesday and arrived Thursday.

    High quality pieces.

    Great job OR3GON!
  5. Swampfoxforeman

    Swampfoxforeman .410

    I love OR3GUN products. Work great on my 935 waterfowl.

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