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Patriot 243

Discussion in 'Mossberg Patriot Bolt Action' started by Swampfoxforeman, Dec 8, 2017.

  1. Swampfoxforeman

    Swampfoxforeman .410

    Well my wife just come into the Mossberg family. I bought her for Christmas a Muddy girl camo Mossberg Patriot in 243. I do have a question do these guns have any issues?
  2. Tim433

    Tim433 .410

    I’ve had my Patriot for a little over a year and have no issues thus far. Haven’t heard of too many negative reviews either. Good rifle, worth more thatbit sells for imho.
  3. Don Fischer

    Don Fischer .410

    I've got two now but got them both this year. haven't had a problem and like them very well. Only reason I got the first was to see if I could make it shoot. They came out of the box shooting better than I do! You will find some people that will manufacturer issues simply because they don't ike the Mossberg. But most of those people have never owned of shot one!
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  4. Terry Mayes

    Terry Mayes .22LR

    Like Don, I bought an MVP just to see if they would shoot, (based on a couple magazine reviews), and it shot like a champ, (and still does).

    My Remingtom M700/7mm-08 was giving me fits, so I picked up a Walnut Patriot 7-08. It also shoots real well, and seems to improve with JB and a couple small modifications. I glassed the tang and recoil lug to the end of the barrel nut, as some have experienced cracked stocks due to over tightening of the front screw. The bedding gives a very positive feel when turning the action screws in. Otherwise, I flushed the trigger assembly with Gunscrubber to remove some grit. (That worked real well). I pulled the bolt apart and polished the internals and contact points, which slicked up that operation.

    As the cost of the rifle was less than half of most other options, I didn't think the extra cleaning and polishing was out of line for the performance of the rifle. I was able to take home a turkey from a local 100yd offhand egg shoot. Took three shots.
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