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Patriot 308 ammo

Discussion in 'Mossberg Patriot Bolt Action' started by Oak Valley shooter, Feb 2, 2016.

  1. Oak Valley shooter

    Oak Valley shooter .410

    I posted a couple times about my new patriot in .308. Igot my last best group with 150 grain hornady whitetail. I also am working on my shooting technicie. At the range the other day i tried a few horn. 168 grain and the fliers are gone with this ammo. The gun shoots better than i do and all shots were in the red (bullseye) thanks for the recommendations all
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  2. Cajun1

    Cajun1 Copper BB

    Good to know. I'm getting one inch groups with 150 grain core lokts in mine. I just bought a box of Hornady Anerican Whitetail to try. Thanks for the info.
  3. nitesite

    nitesite Average Guy Moderator "Philanthropist"

    Good stuff.

    Sounds like both of you are pretty pleased with your rifles!
  4. captfire

    captfire Copper BB

    I"am getting 1/2 inch groups at 100 yards with Winchester 150 grain the silver box..
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  5. Ky wonder

    Ky wonder .22LR

    my 308 kyrptec banshee rifle likes corelocks 150 gr best of the three major brands Remington, federal, Winchester, I have yet to run any 168 grain stuff through it but I am sure it will tighten up, but have no problem with 1moa in any of the listed rounds

    the 168 grain hpbt is the premiere weight in target ammo and I have some nice heavy barrel target guns that are scary accurate with that type ammo but I did not want to pack a 10 lb rifle on a deer hunt and 150 grain is available at reasonable cost and everywhere, so I use it to hunt with

    I liked my first patriot so well that I recently added another 308 patriot in walnut furniture that will stay in the box, my daughter informed me she was pregnant so I used that as an excuse to buy my next grandchild a new rifle for when it gets old enough to deer hunt, the fact that it had a really nice grained stock with tiger stripes did not hurt,

    I like the walnut stocks that Mossberg has on these rifles, but this one just stood out above the others that I have seen in the way it looked, so I jumped on it like a duck on a june bug
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  6. Tim433

    Tim433 .410

    I've only shot 150gr through mine, Federal Power Shock Copper and I want to say Winchester Super X lead. I got much better results from the Power Shock ammo than the Super X. being that California is on the final year of complete copper phase in, I opted to go back to copper rounds. I recently purchased a couple boxes of Hornady Superformance GMX 165gr. Im hoping the combination of the bigger bullet and the copper gives me the results Im looking for. Ill update once I get a chance to hit the range again.
  7. Terry Mayes

    Terry Mayes .22LR

    That would indeed be exceptional.
  8. agu8492

    agu8492 Copper BB

    I am looking to get a .308 Patriot soon. Do you all have anything about the rifle you would change or is it fine as is out of the box?
  9. John A.

    John A. Unconstitutional laws are not laws. Staff Member Administrator Global Moderator

    Sorry that I missed this earlier.


    Our family also has the same tradition.

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