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Pitch Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

Discussion in 'OR3GUN' started by OR3GUN, Nov 25, 2015.

  1. OR3GUN

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    If you've been on the fence about adding a Marine Spacer Tube and Spring Plunger to your 930/935 or have a second gun that needs these parts, Black Friday 2015 will be a great time to go for it. We have created a special, Multi-Use Essentials Combo for our first ever 'Pitch Black Friday Sale'.


    If you miss out on Pitch Black Friday, or are wanting a Competition version of the Essentials for your 930, Cyber Monday will be the time to pick up the Competition Essentials, featuring the Competition MST and Spring Plunger in Marine Blue.


    In addition to a great price on the Combo, they will ship FREE to all US addresses. Other in-stock parts in the featured matching color will ship free during each sale as well. These will be the best opportunities to build a combo that meets your specific needs.

    Thanks for checking in!


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