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Question Of The Month. (August 2019)

Discussion in 'Question of the Month' started by carbinemike, Aug 6, 2019.

  1. carbinemike

    carbinemike Global Moderator Staff Member Global Moderator "Philanthropist"

    This is a monthly series of questions topic for everyone to join in on the discussion. Some of the questions may have a poll, and some will not. Don't be shy now, go ahead and post an answer and vote in the polls...

    Will the current uproar against "assault weapons" result in any new national anti gun laws in the U.S.?
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  2. Water Monkey

    Water Monkey The man, the myth, the monkey Moderator Supporter

    Well orange Jesus is pushing red flag laws. Even cyclops Crenshaw is pushing it. I have a bad feeling.

    I’ll sit out next election and watch it burn if he signs it into law.
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  3. Ernst

    Ernst .270 WIN


    1. The 72 hour news cycle is ever changing and media is continually looking for the next "breaking news" headline.

    2. The next Democratic debate is Sept 12-13 in Houston. The majority of the candidates are trying to "out left" their opponents with the latest "free for all" socialist scam.

    3. Congress is currently in recess until the 9th of September. Unlikely to return any earlier.

    4. Business and Wall Street focused on the economy, trade deals and the latest tariff news.

    5. Iran situation could escalate at any moment.

    6. Plus it's hurricane season. Who knows?

    7. Realists in both parties need only to look at the current debacle in New Zealand created by mindless bureaucrats over reacting without thinking.

    8. Bottomline: The Republicans must realize they can't hold the Senate nor regain control of the House if they pass national level AWB. The Democrats will likely not abandon their "socialism first" to embrace AWB. It's a losing strategy for both sides.

    However, suspect there will be several "state level" bandaids.

    Stay tuned,
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  4. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ 12g Supporter

    I see more background checks.
    In California you must be checked to buy ammo now, and pay a small fee.

    I see this spreading to all states.
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  5. Scoop

    Scoop .30-06

    Will the current uproar against "assault weapons" result in any new national anti gun laws in the U.S.?

    Mike, you must have been reading my mind. I was trying to noodle out this question in my mind yesterday.
    WM, Ernst, and Cadd, you guys must have been reading my mind. Each of you got a part of my imagined future.

    - Probably more states w/ "red flag" laws. They may seem so logical, but the resulting abuse will be horrific. People will realize that an anonymous call or text can disrupt someone's life by remote control. Sort of like "swatting." The perps just sit back and enjoy the misery they inflict.
    This is a total violation of 4th Amendment rights when done wrong. Wait for retaliation attempts to escalate the situation beyond anticipation.

    - Probably attempts to tighten background check "loopholes." This will be under the guise of sensible gun control, right? I am sort of resigned to this after years of lefties pushing and the inflammation caused by these stupid mass shooters is certainly not helping.
    Selfishly, I know that I can probably pass any likely tightening of background scrutiny, so if only 1000 people in the nation could pass the checks and I am one of them... Oh, well... that's the way we old codgers think... I hate it.

    - If they pass some sort of AWB ban, I hope it has a short sunset.

    - Capacity bans likely. [sigh]

    + No total Aussilike ban and confiscation. I would be a resister to the end. Too bad about my unfortunate boat accident.

    The only thing that may help out on the national level is partisan gridlock.

    At this time it is pretty depressing to think about.
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  6. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ 12g Supporter

    I read about a study today that shows over 90% of stock market gains happen while Congress is in recess.

    I could subsist on social security, barely, but I really live off of my stock market profits.
    The more they do, the less I profit.

    We need to limit their time in session to the absolute minimum possible. The less work those bastoids do the more money I make!
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  7. carbinemike

    carbinemike Global Moderator Staff Member Global Moderator "Philanthropist"

    Scoop, to hit your points:
    The PA libs are pushing for red flag laws and more background checks.

    They will look at the background checks even though almost every mass shooter has passed a check and the feds do not enforce those that they catch falsifying their form. They prosecute at 1-2% rate.

    I don't see an AWB. The democrats did learn from 1994...don't ban 2 featiures and don't have a sunset provision. Several of their candidates have talked about executive orders if elected.

    Capacity nans I think would be istate level where they can get them through.

    Agreed, no Aussie typ forced buy back. I'm curious how the New Zealand buyback goes since they had no registration.

    Gridlock is better than them acting on pretty much anything. Congress vacationing now is a good thing too.

    It is depressing.
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  8. MikeD

    MikeD I'm Your Huckleberry Staff Member Global Moderator "Philanthropist"

    No such thing as a rational gun law. Laws are restrictions. Restrictions are infringements.

    We have more than enough in the books now to make a lawyers head explode.
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  9. meanstreak

    meanstreak .30-06 Supporter "Philanthropist"

    For the most part common sense and rationale have no useful purpose in congress. The news media is pushing the frenzy and tend to leave out pertinent information that does not fit their narrative/agenda. No surprise there.

    Then we have so many 16 and 17 year olds that have an opinion of firearms gleaned from their urban public schools under the Obama administration. They will be voting age by the next election.

    I think more states will get on board with red flag laws and magazine capacity laws. As far as AWB, don't think that will fly, yet.
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