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Question Of The Month (September 2021)(Light and optic in home defense)

Discussion in 'Question of the Month' started by carbinemike, Sep 4, 2021.

  1. nitesite

    nitesite Average Guy Moderator "Philanthropist"

    see post #9 where I said that lasers are mostly useless..... ;)
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  2. Rodburner

    Rodburner .270 WIN

    I agree. “mostly” useless. For me to see the little green dot outside during the day,I have to follow it from where I can perceive it all the way through the sweep to its ultimate destination. Of course this wouldn’t be construed as a self defense situation. What it does do for me is to KNOW where that pile of lead is gonna go, across my living room. It also lets me basically let loose the boom without squaring up with my target to use the prescribed push/pull method that the SW usually demands for accurate repeat shots. Yes, it’s a crutch,100%, very limited in most situations, but for me, optimal in the scenario I envision for its use.
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  3. Jmm14534

    Jmm14534 20g Supporter Premier Member

    Light for sure. Laser not so much. I have a combo unit on one of my HD M500 shotguns. I would not hesitate to use either one if I had to. The more tools the better.
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