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Ring height to use for a 50mm on a patriot?

Discussion in 'Mossberg Patriot Bolt Action' started by JoeLansing, Mar 2, 2020.

  1. JoeLansing

    JoeLansing Copper BB

    I just bought a 27890 Walnut Patriot in 30.06 from Buds for $409 or so. I shoot deer at like 10-50 yards, so I am really dumb and want to mount a Simmons 6-24X50 on it :)

    https://www.amazon.com/Simmons-WTC62450-6-24x50-Whitetail-FmcWpBlackgranite/dp/B079QS1L8C And it has nice flip up caps on it, that add to the 50MM.

    I have the scope laying around brand new so why not? At least it has side adjust parallax. So does anyone have any ideas on some correct height rings to use? I don't have any iron sights on it, so I don't care about tall see through mounts. High, or X-High? It is a 50mm scope with flip up caps so it is pretty big.

    I will probably sight it in, shoot a deer at 20 yards, then put it away as a safe queen. I have nice junky guns to run around in the woods with. But I do like to take a deer with each of my deer guns..:)
    - Joe
    Last edited: Mar 2, 2020
  2. WolftalonID

    WolftalonID Copper BB

    I am coming here looking for same intel. Have a patriot with a Vortex crossfire 50mm and will be swapping out the cheap scope it came with. Current scope is a 40mm.
    I want a new one piece base, rings to install. Any intel would be great.

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