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Second round won't feed

Discussion in 'Mossberg 930 Autoloader' started by Misery930, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Misery930

    Misery930 .270 WIN

    I keep my 930 loaded 7+1 with Federal 00 buck and I've been having some issues getting the second round to feed. I charge it, ejecting the round in the chamber, and the bolt either locks open as if the gun were empty or it just doesn't release anything from the magazine. I'm pulling the charging handle all the way to the rear every time. It occurred to me that maybe the 7 shells were putting too much pressure on the shell stop so it couldn't move out of the way to let that round come out of the magazine but I have no idea what to do about that if it's the problem. Other than loading 6+1 of course but that doesn't really solve anything. Any ideas on what the issue may be? I took the gun apart tonight, cleaned the bolt release, and polished the shell stop where it contacts the brass but when I put the gun back together, it's still doing the same thing intermittently.
  2. Scoop

    Scoop .30-06

    Let me ask a few question to make sure I have the full picture.

    1. If you load only 6+1 does using the charging handle feed the second round properly?
    2. When loaded 7+1, after you pull the trigger and round 1 fires, :sniper:
    does the second round feed properly?
    If not:
    a. Does the bolt lock back w/ round 2 still in mag tube?
    b. Does the bolt lock back w/ round 2 in transit?
    c. Does the bolt return forward w/ round 2 still in mag?
    d. Other?​

    That may help us analyze this.

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  3. Rob72

    Rob72 .410

    This may help you:

    I go a bit further and square & polish the top of the shell latch, using 600 grit wet/dry paper on a granite slab, followed with the metal polish.
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  4. Misery930

    Misery930 .270 WIN

    The only way it consistently feeds that second shot is when I load the first shell into the chamber, hit the shell stop, and then load 6 into the magazine. If I load the magazine with 7 then try to chamber one, it will more often than not go back into battery without releasing a shell from the magazine. It also locks open as if it thinks it's empty though sometimes but more often, the bolt goes home without a shell having been release from the magazine. I've even had a few double feeds on round 3 when I eventually get there (which is no doubt the follower getting caught at the joint between the magazine tube and the extension) and the round doesn't make it to the shell stop initially but when it does, it releases 2 rounds in line with one another. I have to reach into the receiver from the ejection port, push the rim of the second back behind the shell stop and it's a nightmare.
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