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Shotgun tool?

Discussion in 'Maverick 88 Pump Action' started by Jorge Lopez, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. Jorge Lopez

    Jorge Lopez Copper BB

    When I was unpacking for a friend a model 88 combo (18.5" and 28" barrels with shotgun) a cross looking tool(?) of blued steel with one hole on one point of the star that was in a small plastic sealable bag. I looked at the manual but could not determine what it is for? Pardon the question but I have an 88 with 18.5", 28", and a 24" scoped rifled slug barrel and have not seen this before. Any ideas?
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  2. Pawpaw

    Pawpaw .30-06 Supporter

  3. John A.

    John A. I'm "THAT" guy Staff Member Global Moderator Moderator

    Can you provide a photo? That could help.
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  4. Jorge Lopez

    Jorge Lopez Copper BB

    Yeap that is it! I didn't realize the 28" barrel was capable of having choke tubes that can be changed. I have an old Winchester auto so equipped. I will tell my friend and check to see which one his barrel has and determine if he may want other choke tubes. Thanks!
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  5. Jorge Lopez

    Jorge Lopez Copper BB


    I just went back to check my 28" model 88 barrel and guess what, it too has a threaded choke tube! When I bought it for my son it did not come with the tool so I naturally thought it was a modified cylinder barrel. Live and learn. All that in a budget shotgun. You can't beat it with a stick!
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  6. Major Dad

    Major Dad .22LR

    Pretty nifty indeed, Jorge! Also, if you buy additional chokes you usually get a wrench with it. At least the Carlson chokes I've bought came with a wrench.
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  7. meanstreak

    meanstreak .30-06 Supporter "Philanthropist"

    And by watching this thread I learned as well. Welcome to the forum Jorge.
  8. Mr. Firearm

    Mr. Firearm .22LR

    Yes I know and completely understand that this thread on this particular subject is a year old but still would like to just add to it for future reference.

    This info is in reference to the actual subject of the thread, "Shotgun Tool" (Mossberg Choke Tube Wrench # 95205) which we all know is used for removing and installing choke tubes for various shotguns. In this case Mossberg.


    I would highly recommend to each individual to read the actual owners/user manual for your particular shotgun to help you become familiar with it. The manual is "always the best source of information" concerning your shotgun.

    In this case it would be for a Mossberg Model 88 and if by chance you do not have one then you can always download one from the Mossberg website:



    The Mossberg Maverick Model 88 12 gauge shotgun currently has six (6) different Accu-Choke Tubes associated with it and each are excellent to use (IMO).

    I have four (4) out of the six listed in the manual (pages 15-16) for my Mossberg 88, plus one that is not listed in the manual.

    I've got the following Acc-Choke Tubes:

    #95190 Full
    #95195 Modified (Mod)
    #95200 Improved Cylinder (Imp. Cyl.)
    #95245 Improved Modified (Imp. Mod)

    The one that is not listed is an alternate for the "Improved Modified" Accu-Choke Tube. It was recommended to me by a Mossberg tech. It is the Ported PF1 Choke Tube (#96504 by Mossberg) which is used exclusively for Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun models 88, 500, 535 & 930 threaded barrels.

    I've posted a picture of it along with the listing of the Accu-Choke Tubes from the manual.

    Mossberg 12 gauge Pro Factor Choke Tube model 96504.jpg Mossberg 12 gauge choke tube model numbers for Maverick model 88 shotgun.JPG
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