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So you think your DMV is bad!

Discussion in 'Non-Firearm Related' started by CaddmannQ, Aug 25, 2019.

  1. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ 12g Supporter

    My neighbor is a fire captain and must get a commercial license at the commercial DMV Division and I wish he could tell his story on here. He will be in violation, technically, because getting his license renewed from the DMV will be a matter of weeks.

    Because everyone will soon have to have a new ID in California* and the state of California is booked up at the DMV already, the increasing workload has led to a virtual breakdown in the entire system.

    Part of this was because the state was also requiring the DMV to register voters, so they have now tripled their work.

    On top of that, the state requires that the DMV license illegal aliens, and there are twice as many of them as the state will admit. Finally we have had a local influx of foreign refugees from places like Syria and palestine.

    I drive past our local DMV every day and there is a line out the door and around the building.

    They literally had to close the DMV system for a period of time, to convey the new policies to all the employees, and patch up a computer system that was never designed to do all the things they are asking from it.

    But the powerful State employees Unions have made a government job so profitable in California that no one is quitting the DMV, in spite of the crime being perpetrated on employees there by the state.

    The pension is so attractive and there are so many state employees, that now people are starting to wonder if the money will truly ever be there.

    Every time you hear the state of California scream "woohoo we have a surplus!" what they mean is that there are a lot more illegals to tax than they realize and they have extra billions to spend now. Remember that every time an illegal citizen buys anything they pay 8% sales tax on the average.

    If you claim that there are only 10 million illegal aliens here when there are actually 20, and all those people are earning money and buying things, the economy's going to look artificially robust.

    But when it comes time for the state to serve all those people, in whatever manner, the extra cost will come to light. Instead of giving out a few million drivers licenses now, the state will have to process the driver's license of every citizen (both illegal and legal) through an overloaded system, at a cost unconsidered when the original generosity of licensing illegals** was decreed.

    *California has invalidated our traditional driver's licenses as a method of identification, having given them away freely to illegals for decades.

    ** the state basically forced itself into licensing illegal aliens to drive because it is the only way they could keep track of them for the purposes of criminal investigations. Otherwise they have no description of who's coming across the border.

    Instead of confiscating their car and deporting them when illegal aliens were arrested on the highway here, we started giving them licenses and a way to circumvent the insurance rules for automobile registration. If you buy and sell crappy cars fast enough the state can't keep up with the paperwork and you are constantly on a provisional status, but "legal". To start the process rolling you have to pay for a couple months insurance but later on when you drop it it takes a long time for the state to catch up with that. In fact you can take up to a year and which time you might have already sold and bought three cars.

    Most of the cars here which can't pass smog inspection are sold off cheap to illegals and they wind up back in Mexico, eventually, once they turn into beaters nobody here will buy.

    The state has also spent billions of dollars buying old junk cars from people who cannot get them to pass smog for a reasonable cost. Supposedly those cars get crushed but I'm sure that lots of them wind up in Mexico. Almost all the junk yards and recycling places here are run by Mexicans.
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  2. carbinemike

    carbinemike Global Moderator Staff Member Global Moderator "Philanthropist"

    The OA DMV is bad but nothing like you describe. I thought it was bad that it took us 4 hours in line to get my son a driving permit including standing outside in February temps for the first hour.

    Not to change the subject but I heard the Cali ammo background check has also been a total bureaucratic nightmare with a super high rate of flagging legal purchasers.
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  3. Bobster

    Bobster .30-06 Supporter

    Can't really complain about the FL "DMV" or whatever they call it. Licenses and vehicle inspections* are issued by the DOT and registrations/titling done in another location by the county tax office, itself a "branch" of the FL DOR.

    As I have a CDL, I had to get by birth cert. "straightened out" by my state of birth, then copies sent to me. That was 10-15 years ago. This was to qualify for the "Real ID" aspect of the CDL. The days of drivers having many licenses from many different states are long gone.

    Last renewal I had to get a CDL physical which I had previously avoided because I don't drive commercially (for hire). Now it is required or I could have given up the CDL endorsement which I did not want to do. The candy-striper cranked the sphygnamometer up to 300 which HURT and raised my BP to 180/130 or something high like that. A doctor rechecked it about 10min later and it was still up there 170/125 I think. Because they are afraid of drivers having heart attacks on the road and want to monitor them, they would only issue the CDL "health card" for 2 months. Back home, I checked my BP with my home meter and BP was 125/80 or something like that. Went back the next morning, had my BP re-checked (it was normal) and got a health card good for 2 years, the max.

    Vehicle registration renewals are around $40/year depending on the size of the vehicle. Big trucks are considerably more. Say you move here and bring a car from out of state, a NEW registration involving a new plate is $250ish including a title fee of $45.

    *Florida does not have any kind of annual/bi-annual safety and/or emissions inspections. These are out-of-state vehicle and rebuilt title inspections.
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