Son Finally Shoots His Maverick 88

Discussion in 'Maverick 88 Pump Action' started by sicnarf, Mar 20, 2017 at 11:59 AM.

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    So wife and I gave our son a Maverick 88 12-guage because he earned his Eagle in Scouts. It was a total surprise to him because we never said we'd get him something for the achievement. On Saturday, we went out as a family and he was so excited that he could finally shoot his Maverick. Unfortunately, it jammed a couple of times using Federal so I switched him over to Winchesters. After we ran out of Winchesters, it was back to Federals and after the initial jams, no problems at all. The entire family had a great time and he especially enjoyed shooting his very own shotgun. We'll be heading to the local gun club this coming Saturday so he can shoot trap to fulfill a requirement for his shotgun merit badge.
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    Awesome...You must be very proud of him.

    { I was when I taught my daughter to shoot. }
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    Just the fact that there is a shotgun merit badge makes me happy. Take care. Tom Worthington
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    Congratulations on the Eagle badge. That is no small feat at all.

    I didn't know they had a shotgun badge now either. Though I admit that I haven't kept up with them for the last few years since I believe they made a bunch of bad decisions as a whole in their organization.

    I think our county is down to maybe one troop now (from 5).

    I know they have to be hurting for members. At least around here they are. Folks dropped them without hesitation.

    But I don't want to sidetrack the thread. That has nothing to do with anyone here.

    I usually have better performance from Federal than Winchesters. Especially the cheap bulk pack Winchester AA's.

    There may have been a little burr or break in getting everything seated well.
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  5. sicnarf

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    I was a bit surprised, too, when I learned of the shotgun merit badge. Knew there was a rifle merit badge and he earned that at Scout camp a couple of summers ago.
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    Very cool, congrats on his accomplishment!!

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