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Swedish K and ammo

Discussion in 'Long Guns' started by fellmann, Oct 11, 2019.

  1. fellmann

    fellmann .270 WIN Supporter

    Funny thing, i was looking for a good subject title and where to put it about our 9mm cartridge m/39 when Vickers Tactical just uploaded a video about the Swedish K :D perfect !

    Here is what i was originally ment to post. The difference between the first version of the 9mm m/39 and the "upgraded" version ( m/39 B ). Bullet with a black ring is a m/39 and the red ring is a m/39 B. You clearly see the difference in the steel jacket to the right.


    The m/39 B began being issued in 1955. The cartridge was developed by the Swedish ammunition industry following the experiences of the Korean War and around the world where new types of body protection began to be used. These reduced the effect of commonly occurring cartridges of this caliber.

    "The m/39 B is capable of penetrating 50 layers of kevlar, 7 cm brick or 25 cm wood. It also manages to penetrate Class IIIA protective vests "

    And i found a video "about things ive heard" such as the quote above, but not seen :)

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  2. Bobster

    Bobster .30-06 Supporter

    I'll take some of the old stuff if you want to get rid of it... ;)
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