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Took Out My 464 And Had A Ball

Discussion in 'Mossberg 464 Lever Action' started by COSteve, Aug 1, 2020 at 11:40 AM.

  1. COSteve

    COSteve .22LR

    I took out my Mossy 464 recently to our club and set up on the 200/300yd range. I had both full power 150grn hunting handloads and some of my X-Treme plated 150grn plinking handloads. My idea was to compare them at 200 and 300yds as it's been a long time since I just plinked with it.

    Anyway yes, the full power loads had a flatter trajectory at both 200 and 300yds but at 200, the difference was just a bit of hold over. Add to that the recoil of my plinking load is significantly lower and more comfortable so for plinking, my X-Treme handloads do just fine for me.

    Accuracy wise, at 200 they are still fine but out at 300yds the combination of lower velocity and trajectory seems to cause their accuracy to vary a bit more than the hunting loads. However, I don't see a 30-30 levergun with irons as a reliable 300yd shooter anyway so I'm just fine with either load at 200yds.

    So, after making about 80 empty pieces of 30-30 brass, I switched to my .357mag and .45 Colt leverguns I also brought. Had some good fun with them too and made about the same number of empty brass in those calibers too. Then I packed up went back home happy as a clam with my afternoon at the range.
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