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Why does Mossberg get no respect?

Discussion in 'Mossberg Patriot Bolt Action' started by Shawn.54, Nov 21, 2016.

  1. Ky wonder

    Ky wonder .22LR

    I also love lever guns but have yet to shoot the Mossberg variety since I am well supplied in marlin models as well as a couple of old Winchesters

    that is a pre 64 model 70 target in 30-06,at the top of the bed
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  2. Don Fischer

    Don Fischer .410

    People that may try to steer you away from a Mossberg or people that may bad mouth them have often never even tried one. They are the Lee of the rifle business. I didn't care for the older mod 800's and until the patriot came out, didn't care for the looks. But I've had several different mod 500 shotguns and while they were not a high dollar gun, they were a nice gun that people that could not afford better could afford the 500. Well the Patriot's I've bought, just got them this year, impress me. They have wood stocks, a very good trigger and are very accurate. I don't have a complaint one. In both of them I have quite a bit less invested than I do in my mod 70 feather weight and they out shoot it! I could do without the fluting but it obviously doesn't bother me much either. Same with the plastic betting system for the action and the magazine well. But time will tell! Today I can do nothing but compliment Mossberg one making such a nice rifle affordable. Make no mistake, it is not a mod 70 or even a mod 700 but then it cost a lot less and shoot's better out of the box!
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  3. hank8492

    hank8492 Copper BB

    Absolutely agree 100%
  4. meanstreak

    meanstreak .30-06 Supporter "Philanthropist"

    About two years ago I bought a Maverick 88, 20 Ga for $189. How could a person get a better deal on a new shotgun ? I know this is a rifle thread, I just couldn't resist tell how happy I am with my Mossberg.
  5. CaddmannQ

    CaddmannQ 12g Supporter

    I only paid about $20 more for my Mossberg Cruiser and that's in California where everything costs more.

    You can spend a lot more on a gun but you cannot buy better value, and that has always been what Mossberg was about.

    They were not ever about building fancy guns. They were about building practical weapons that were cleverly made and thus economical to produce and sell.

    I truly appreciate this because it's an engineer's outlook: Value above Perfection. Economy above Decoration. Utility above Affectation.

    Modern people have a difficult time understanding the difference in an age where image is everything and the perception of reality becomes the reality in the minds of the masses
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