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WTS: Olympic 7.62x51 FAL

Discussion in 'Firearms For Sale' started by John A., Feb 2, 2021.

  1. John A.

    John A. Unconstitutional laws are not laws. Staff Member Administrator Global Moderator

    I hate to let this go and I'm sure I could go more for it considering the market right now, but needing to free up some capital.

    Up for sale is an Olympic 7.62x51 FAL. The right arm of the free world.

    Olympic made less than 500 of these in total about 20 years ago. They purchased a bunch of south american Imbel surplus parts and built these up on their receivers.

    Included are 5 magazines. 3 of which are modern Moses Mags which work great, but next to impossible to find anymore. 1 mag is a DSA, and one was a surplus mag.

    It has a Vltor freefloated handguard (MSRP on it is in excess of $300 alone). A Hogue grip. A DSA scope top cover.

    It also has an enhanced british mil-surp slotted (sand cut) bolt for dirty and dusty environments.

    The barrel is typical left hand thread, but there is a 5/8-24 thread adapter on the barrel for anyone that may wish to use standard 308 muzzle attachments.

    Asking $1600 including shipping to your FFL.

    I won't ship to anywhere that I know they are prohibited. And I prefer to ship this conus only. I also will not ship without either a copy of an FFL, or without knowing the FFL EZ-Check numbers. The first 3 digits and the last 5 digits of their FFL # to cover my end. I was an FFL for almost a decade and know that any FFL should have no problem providing me this information for me to verify they have an active/valid FFL and so I know where to ship it.

    I prefer USPS money order.


    And a short video of 100 yard accuracy with an optic
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