Yard sale time again-various gun items

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    Yep, it's that time of the year again when I start to clean out some storage so they can find a better home that will use them more than I am at the moment.

    All prices include USPS shipping.

    Paypal gift preferred. Cash at your risk.

    Up first, A large Allen brand pistol rug with Rugers logo sewn on the side. The length is 16 inches long and when open is also about 16 inches wide. I assume this was for, or came with one of Ruger's hoglegs once upon a time. I don't see any staining or anything. Zipper and lock web works fine. The color is off a little on my camera for some reason. The outside is a light tan and the inside grey


    yard sale time 001.JPG
    yard sale time 002.JPG

    Next up, a new unopened set of Hornady American series die set for 30-06. Includes a free shellholder in the pack and some extra deprimer rods.


    yard sale time 003.JPG

    Aim sports Bushnell TRS25 style knockoff red/green. I checked and it does power on no problem. I had originally bought this to use on my MP5, but was a little low with the stock so I stopped using it. $20

    yard sale time 006.JPG
    yard sale time 009.JPG

    Simmons 8 point 3-9x40 scope. I don't recall ever using this scope, but there are some small imperfections in the finish, so I'm selling it as used. Reticle and focus and magnification all works fine as it's supposed to. $40

    yard sale time 010.JPG
    yard sale time 012.JPG

    And finally, a ReCover brand grip for the Beretta 92 F/FS/Centurion and similar frames. This replaces your factory grips and is essentially a housing for your grip/frame and adds a much needed light rail for the gun. It is new in the wrap. $40

    yard sale time 004.JPG

    Some of these items are cross posted. First I'll take it and PM per the timestamp gets it.
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    Added some items to the previous list.


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