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    Good morning

    Somewhere around here I have a little "gag" side off the box of the squaw kneeling with the LoL in front of her bosoms. The butter is a flap and made so if you lift it up, it will show her bare breasts! :eek: :D The "breasts" are actually her knees from the other side of the box. Woke...
  2. Bobster

    Bidens Blunders

    I'll bet if they search this demented sexual deviant's house, they will find a lot of other stolen goods like Gucci, Micheal Kors, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana handbags, etc... :mad: That POS freak should resign immediately!
  3. Bobster

    940 JM Pro...slack @ barrel-chamber

    Can you tighten the mag tube ext and nut any more with the bolt back? Maybe wiggle barrel while you do it? Welcome Aboard! :)
  4. Bobster

    Treeline forend light = TL-Racker

    Looks like a hand grenade! :D Tell us about the buttstock...
  5. Bobster

    Good morning

    We had Tday dinner at our neighbors, sort of a potluck event in their garage and in the driveway. It was looking like rain so I brought my 10'x10' tarp and a couple extra tables for the overflow (dropped off earlier with my car). About 30 people showed up. We walked from our house maybe an 1/8...
  6. Bobster

    Good morning

    (whispered out of earshot of Cadd) "ok, let's humor grandpa by riding his bikes so he quits bugging us about it..." :D
  7. Bobster

    Bidens Blunders

    I don't think it is a sign but this popped up on FBM the other day... :rolleyes:
  8. Bobster

    Seeking HELP in Identifying Mossberg 18.5" Bbl'd .308 Bolt Carbine ?

    Welcome Aboard, Dom! :) I'm sure I speak for many of us here when I say you are going to need to get more info off the rifle, pics etc. Who wants this information? Your BIL or you? If he can't be bothered to move his fishing gear for you to get the info, it is just going to be a guessing game...
  9. Bobster

    Bidens Blunders

    I totally agree, Ernst! Here in FL, the state has their fuel tax as does each county. County taxes can vary, so it is not uncommon for people to fuel in neighboring counties to save a few bucks. PS: Although a libertarian, I am socialistic in that roads (and infrastructure) are best paid for by...
  10. Bobster

    HOLY DUCK!!!!!

    The REALLY sad part is that there are actually people that believe this crap... :(
  11. Bobster

    Bidens Blunders

    In one of the "local" FB groups I comment in, someone showed a pic of themselves charging their EV at a small, largely unused, "convention" center the city built at great cost to the taxpayers. I asked if there were coin or bill slots on the charging stations knowing the answer was "no". ;) This...
  12. Bobster

    pictures that make you lol

    Every time I see that blank stare Bidet, it reminds me of this wonderful meme that I've seen in various forms. That was the Captain Pike episode of Star Trek, the unaired pilot and two-parter once Kirk became cap'n.
  13. Bobster

    Trudolph Liberals Ban Legal Handgun Imports

    Do not comply with unjust laws and laws that turn honest citizens into criminals. If you ARE going to be made into a criminal, you may as well go down in a blaze of glory taking with you those of whom made you into a criminal. ;)
  14. Bobster

    Bidens Blunders

    Just remember that our "poor" people live like the middle-class do in many other countries. Free phone, free internet, free food, free housing, etc... :mad:
  15. Bobster

    410 shockwave questions

    I keep old bicycle tubes around for things like this. Take some scissors and cut a strip to size. Cadd might have a dozen or so he could send you... ;)