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  1. Eddie Stewart

    The How and Why of 2020

    We really don't need them to bring the fruition yet. We just need for enough Americans to open their eyes and see the real truth. Then vote their conscience of what the players are doing in Washington right now, and get sick and tired of being lied to and seeing our once great nation being...
  2. Eddie Stewart

    A Few Things to Ponder as we Start 2023

    You are certainly welcome, we need MUCH more true common sense in this country. I'll try to repeat this; I am curious enough to take it apart, Smart enough to put it back together, and clever enough to hide the spare parts. Our oldest grandson once told his other grandmother not to throw away...
  3. Eddie Stewart

    A Few Things to Ponder as we Start 2023

    Ernst you are a Renaissance man, God bless you sir. If we could only get our politicians to see these points and act on them.
  4. Eddie Stewart

    Greetings from Germany

    Welcome to the community from the Peoples Republic of Illinois.
  5. Eddie Stewart

    Need info on making some hardcast

    Hey nitesite, I powder coat my pills and after I softened them the first time I did some research and now I water drop them straight out of the toaster oven and they retain the hardness.
  6. Eddie Stewart

    Ammo available in your area.

    I don't know which specific calibers are available but our LGS has quite a selection compared to the COVID drought. I don't buy much factory ammo unless I get down to a single box of something, but I check the shelves every time I get out there. Here it's all coming back, even some of the...
  7. Eddie Stewart

    Speaking of shooting ranges, do you...

    I have a genetic propensity for sweating at the drop of a hat. So what I do is first wearing one of my Wilson brand headbands and second on these hot days I go to the range in the early morning during the coolest part of the day. When the temp starts to climb I finish up and head home.
  8. Eddie Stewart

    How did you hear about or find MossbergOwners.com??

    I used Google back then too. I looked for reloading/hand loading forums. I had just bought my 4X4 in 22-250 Remington and joined here right away, and I'm glad I did.
  9. Eddie Stewart

    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome from Illinois, Highland slugster. My dads ancestors are supposed to be from Scotland. I have never had any desire to go to mainland Europe, but I would love to come to your country. Actually I would love to come and visit the Highlands, I would take my wife to Ireland where her family is...
  10. Eddie Stewart

    Need a Few More Senators Like This Guy

    I wish we had one Senator like him, period. The two we have right now are both idiots trying to outdo the other. In case you're wondering it's Durbin and Duckworth, they're both D-'s !
  11. Eddie Stewart

    Hello from Scotland

    Welcome from Illinois. I agree with nitesite, I've never been very interested in going to Europe but I would love to come to your area. Not only Scotland but to the Highlands. My younger sister did a genealogy years ago and she said our paternal Grandfathers family is from the Highlands.
  12. Eddie Stewart

    With tears in my eyes!

    We have had our new boy for a year and he has the same temperament as you describe. I had the same concern about ours being protective. My wife came home the other day, the front door was open and she was quiet and whispered his name through the door and he went berserk. If it had been a...
  13. Eddie Stewart

    It's not the size of the dog in the fight... It's

    My son read today on his news app that a Russian tank crew ran over and killed their commander. They are not liking this war either!
  14. Eddie Stewart

    With tears in my eyes!

    So sorry TR1! We had to say goodbye to our beautiful Sidney in October 2020. She had two bouts with cancer, the first was removed, the second couldn't be. In the end I had to pick her up and put her on her feet to get outside, and we fed her where she lay beside my chair. The second tumor was on...
  15. Eddie Stewart

    I don't want to shoot through my house and into my neighbors' so which shotgun ammo?

    I have a bit of a different situation from most others. Our home was built in the 1820's with all interior walls consisting of what I call horse hair plaster, lathes, air space, lathes and plaster. The plaster is 1/2 inch or more and it is rock hard. All of the exterior walls consist of plaster...