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    Mossberg 590 Side Saddles and Shell Holders

    They stopped making the 4 shell holder and won't be making it again (according the person I talked to). Wish I could find another one. Seems the perfect size.
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    Kind of Surprised at this...

    Can't see any downside to it...or any reason for you to justify it to the rest of us. Accessorize the shotgun anyway you like. Since you have a side saddle you might want to practice over the top reloads (quickly place one in the chamber) then any of the many tactical reloads for the magazine...
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    Help IDing my barrel please.....

    Mossberg finally got back to me and admitted their 'mistake'. This is indeed a HEAVY barrel just as I suspected. On this model (M500A Security) they put a 590 style barrel on a '500' creating a sort of hybrid. 'Customer Service' had no information other than what the serial number told her it...
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    Which metal Mossberg 500 safety to buy?

    ^^^^ That is what I put on mine as well.
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    Stumped....shell capacity?

    Did some patterning with various shotshells today at distances from 10yds. to 40yds. That was kind of eye opening in a couple of circumstances. The shotguns are designed and intended for relatively short range defensive use (18.5" barrels and Cylinder chokes), but shotshells/loads varied...
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    Stumped....shell capacity?

    ^^^^ Could not agree more. I just turned 65 years of age...but am ever the student.
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    Greetings from Deep East Texas

    Thank you Sir...and all the others here for the kind welcomes.
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    Stumped....shell capacity?

    ^^^^ No, not 3"..though the angle makes them look longer than they are. Looking at them...I remember now what I did. My Daughter's shotgun (the one on top in the second photo) has two different manufacturers shells. I had Her's loaded with a (#1 buck Sellier&Bellot) in the chamber followed by...
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    Stumped....shell capacity?

    I measured two of them and they were 2-1/4" (loaded length)just like the Hornady Critical Denfense I keep in one of them....BUT...I should have measures ALL of them because 3 of the 5 measured 2-3/8" (loaded length). So the stacked tolerance in aggregate was 3/8" longer and that was the...
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    Stumped....shell capacity?

    2-3/4" is the 'after fired' length, the loaded length is always shorter than the shell designation.
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    Stumped....shell capacity?

    Kind of strange. I have two identical shotguns (M500A Flex Security). Both have about the same round count on them (less than 500 rounds). One of them will hold 6 shells in the magazine tube, the other only 5. They have both been like this since new. The Magazines measure exactly the same...
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    Upgrading safety and follower , and follower spring.

    Also....worth checking before you remove the magazine tube is to check and see if you even need to. 'Some' 500 models (my M500A Security shotguns) use a 590 style barrel (magazine tube goes through a lug in the barrel and has a screw on cap). These type make it simple to remove the magazine...
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    Upgrading safety and follower , and follower spring.

    Did you heat the receiver or just the tube? You'll need to warm up the receiver where the magazine tube screws into it. You won't hurt any finish on it IF just using a heat gun or a good hair dryer.
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    Mossberg Serial Number Data Base

    Identical Mossberg M500A Flex Security models. U762xxx................year 2013 U828xxx................Year 2014
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    Upgrading safety and follower , and follower spring.

    Strap wrench, hair dryer/Heat gun....you'll be good to go. Wipe off the loc-tite product Mossberg uses on newer shotguns and then just screw the magazine tube back in good and hand tight, it's not going anywhere. But yes, removing the tube to clean or service (the first time) could present a...