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    Seeking HELP in Identifying Mossberg 18.5" Bbl'd .308 Bolt Carbine ?

    OP I see you have done some research so just to add, my Rem 788 has an 18" barrel, my Moss 810A 30-06 & 800A .308 both have the 22" barrel. My 800CV 22-250 bull barrel is 24".
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    Mossberg model 46 old model, need help on bolt disassembly

    Just thought I would add a pic or two.
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    Mossberg model 46 old model, need help on bolt disassembly

    I meant to get back to this sooner. I will use a bolt from a WWF31A (Model 40). In the picture you need to pull the knob out and insert a short split tube. I used a piece of and old shell case about the right size and cut to length, then slit to fit around the shaft. This takes the spring...
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    Mossberg 26C(a) model information wanted

    "I would give Havlin a call. (636) 937-6401" Second place I went. They never heard of it. I have been giving Cheryl information on this one. This model has been lurking on my mind for over a year, maybe 2 now. I was surprised to see one surface here in Canada. I managed to snag it so now the...
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    Mossberg 26C(a) model information wanted

    As the title says I am looking for information on this rare Mossberg model. The 26C(a) is not listed anywhere. I have one of three that I have heard of. Lots of information on 26C and 26B models but nothing so far on the 26C(a).
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    Just picked up a SSI-1 in 223 seems like a nice addition.

    These are nice shooting firearms, I have the 223 243 & 12ga
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    no. 4 peep sight threads

    Funny thing is after posting here about the #4 peep I was at the range yesterday and was given a #4 parts sight. It was also missing the windage nut etc. I thought I may have the parts needed to make it useful but turns out it is now my 3rd #4 missing the windage nut. It was also missing other...
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    no. 4 peep sight threads

    Receiver sights were on 0.625" centers and used 10-32 screw size. The elevation and windage are both 8-50 tpi. 8-48 tap and die will work. thread for the aperture is 8-40
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    Mossberg model 104 US magazines

    Hope this helps.
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    Mossberg 3000 Police

    Nice find. I have never seen one. Thanks for posting.
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    Mossberg 183D-B

    Lets see if I can post some of my notes Model 183D Bolt Action Repeater 3-Shot, Takedown, .410 bore only (2 1/2 & 3-inch), 2 shell fixed top loading magazine. Weight 5 1/2 lbs, barrel, 23" with two interchangeable choke tubes, Modified & Full. Plain one piece pistol grip stock. Made 1947-1948...
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    Mossberg 183D-B

    Nice! I have the 183D-C & 183KB.
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    Mossberg Trappers Special or Model B

    Saw your post on another sight but can't add any more information. Good luck with that.
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    Pedersen Custom Guns

    Good article on Petersens in the last National Mossberg Collectors Association newsletter.
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    Mossberg 395kb Stock Restoration

    That looks like a good job. Lots of the old shotguns seem to have cracked stocks. Had a model 200 that was repaired and fiberglassed. I didn't like the looks. Had a 395 that went to Ontario. Also a 185 went that way.