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    *** HAPPY NEW YEAR ***

    WELCOME to the new year all!!! What's that? Can I keep my voice down?!? Well - Okay. :D Our YMCA is open until 2 pm today (God bless 'em!) - local family members are converging at 11 am. I'm hitting the pool and lap lanes. Go Buckeyes! Well, born and raised in Ohio - a guy can hope - right...
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    Illinois capitol protest 3/6/13.....It's IGOLD day!!!!

    Well featured on multiple forums - great feet-on-the-street support 8-12,000 est attendance!!
  3. mingaa

    NY resistance is growing

    NY "law" WILL be reversed and Cuomo will wear a clown suit - those developing the case will not rush or make critical errors. There will never be a president Cuomo - perhaps not a second term governor!!
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    Gun advocates protest today - Albany NY

    Excellent news - anxious to see and learn more!!
  5. mingaa

    Gun advocates protest today - Albany NY

    Another shot from Albany!
  6. mingaa

    Gun advocates protest today - Albany NY

    Some timely reporting by the on-line version of the paper there - sounds like it may still be in progress! Thousands turn out - two solid quotes!! http://www.timesunion.com/local/article ... to-4054886
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    Stop the NYS Firearms Ban Now!

    NY should be heading to review in the courts and Cuomo will never live it down. Doesn't article 1 of the constitution prevent 'ex post fact' laws which should benefit NY in this case? Article 1 Section 9: "No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed." In as much as they cannot...
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    Stop the NYS Firearms Ban Now!

    Yes - does he even realize he is a boy toy? "Andrew, we will make you an important man in the party - you will rise to the stature of a national contender- do it...do it!" FOOL!!
  9. mingaa

    Stop the NYS Firearms Ban Now!

    Did they ban magazines or guns?! Time to check on those who move too quickly without thought. Cuomo will fall with this move. He has made a major political error!
  10. mingaa

    Stop the NYS Firearms Ban Now!

    Cuomo has gone too far. He is an island - now hated by a very large percentage of the US population. I believe (not alone here) that he thought this move was part of paving the road to the White House. He could not be more mistaken and has overstepped bounds that will work against him from this...
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    Just signed up from GA

    Hello from StL. MO!!
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    Howdy from South Florida

    Hello from StL. MO!!
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    New from OK

    Hello from StL. MO!!
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    Sighting In Your Mossberg Tactical .22 715T

    Re: Newbie-complete fail on sighting a scope If you are on paper you really do not need a bore sight any more (IMHO) - especially one that costs $42 and has 2.5 star reviews. When I bought my 702 I passed on that unit. I have bore sights for other pistols and rifles but I was able to get on...