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    (new) Quick question

    +1 on the 51663.
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    Concealed Carry Discussion: Tips and Tricks

    I have carried a G26 in a Remora for a few months now. Even with shorts and a t-shirt, there is little to no printing. Very comfortable. Great holster for $25. Here is another in the no-clip category. http://stickyholsters.com/ Lots of good videos out there on both products.
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    No photos. Just a list: Lightfoot Urban Shark Hissatsu Folder-assisted Hissatsu fixed-desert tan CRKT Ishi 1070RQ (Red) Love all of them.
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    Any other Emerson Owners here?

    I have the following Emerson pieces La Griffe Mini CQC-7B SF with green handle and my favorite the awesome CQC-8 BT built like a tank very sharp
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    Henry US Survival

    Impact guns has both the Henry Arms AR-7 Survival Rifle and Marlin Papoose 22 LR Take-Down Rifle Similar price points-Marlin a bit higher. Have not shot the Marlin. Did shoot the older AR-7. Really cool .22 platforms. Interesting comparison review posted below...
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    Post Your EDC Blade

    Not too shabby. Looks like it is built like a tank.
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    Ontario would be a definite consideration for both machete or Kukri. Ontario 1-18 Military Machete, 18 Inch Machete Ontario 6420 Combat Survival Kukri 11 3/4" black 1095 carbon steel kukri blade, 16 3/4" overall, Kraton handle, lanyard, nylon sheath. U.S.A. I have an Ontario Black Wind...
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    Your Short List?

    1. 1911 of some sort Newer models of interest: Colt Rail gun Sig Scorpion Most likely will look for a lower price point. 2/3. I love this two gun combination for pure fun: Ruger Super Redhawk or Blackhawk with a Marlin 1894 4. I just bought a Ruger Mark III 5.5 bull SS. Would like a Smith...
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    Post Your EDC Blade

    Depending upon when you move on it, here is a decent price-free shipping http://www.sonomacutlery.com/store/prod ... 429&page=1 I have thought about this very model. I would be interested in your opinion once you check it out.
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    Post Your EDC Blade

    Easier to make multiple purchases with most production-type knives than with firearms!!! Although some custom blade prices rival or exceed that of lower cost guns. I suppose we all wish we had as many firearms as we do knives. Perhaps some of us do. Another knive I can highly recommend, although...
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    Post Your EDC Blade

    Unfortunately, no pics, just a list: Currently in pocket: Benchmade Warren Osborne 940 BK plain blade -incredible knife, axis lock is very smooth and although this is old school-no assist technology it is quick to open For heavier duty, Emerson CQC8BT CQC 8 Wave Knife w/ Black Finish I also...
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    Hello from PA

    Ultimate CC: For now, I have left it totally stock. Thinking about mods. Hogue or Speedfeed stock. I have a spare Blackhawk single-point sling I am going to try. So, some sort of sling-plate adapter. I want to keep it simple, though. If I complete the mods, I'll post pics. However, even totally...
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    Hello from PA

    Hello to all members! From Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania 590A1 owner. Model 51663. NRA Endowment member.
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    Scabbard use for 590A1 20"

    Anyone tried a scabbard for this barrel length? I have seen them from Voodoo Tactical, Condor and NC Star. NC Star seems to be large enough. Voodoo advertises theirs for an 18" barrel. Don't see how 2" could make that much difference. Any experiences would be appreciated. Seems like a decent way...