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    00 Buck Testing

    what were you using for a choke?
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    535 turkey and field combo NEED HELP

    you should be able to,it only depends what size of choke is in it.
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    Turkey Hunting And Your Mossberg...

    well went out hunting this morning,in the first 15 min i had 2 jakes in my sights,i passes them up,then drove around to bunch of spots and gobbled but we only heard one more and it decided to come out in front of my friends truck parked across the field and was never seen again.usually we see...
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    What camo do you wear?

    Re: What camo do you where? i wear the same suit ,but mine is mossy oak break up infinity
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    Mossberg 535 ATS Pump Action Troubleshooting

    im having a problem with my trigger pull,it seems slugesh
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    Turkey Hunting And Your Mossberg...

    i did last season,killed a bird at 20yards ,and another at 40 yards with mossberg full choke,it held a good group.this year im using a 22?turkey barrel with xx-full choke,the only reason im not using the 28"barrel is because i bought the turkey barrel for $50 with the choke.
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    Turkey Hunting And Your Mossberg...

    i just tuck my self in side the tree line tht looks shady and dark and get low.last year was my first year turkey hunting,i used a HS little strut box call no caulk needed,the first day at sunrise i called 3 big toms,got one 18 pounder w/8inch beard,the next weekend after about 3hrs i called in...
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    Re: Any Ruger fans out there? i erased it
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    Maverick 88 Pump Action Troubleshooting

    well i bought it off off a guy that got it 2 years ago,and suppose of only used it a couple of times for pheasant hunting,it looked brand new no scratches at all on it,bore was very clean.the part that the gun smith fixed was the spring thats for the firing pin.for some reason it didnt push the...
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    new to site

    thanks rossignol for that info and doing research,i plan on using #4 shot with a 3 1/2" shell,it worked well last year with 28"bird barrel and full chock.i just liked this turkey barrel because its shorter
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    Maverick 88 Pump Action Troubleshooting

    i had a problem last year the firing pin wasnt contacting enough,so i had to take it to a gun shop they fixed it for $75
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    Full List Of All Mossberg Firearms...

    i couldnt find my old 30/30 lever action rifle in there
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    new to site

    yes its a mossberg choke .670 xx-full turkey,and it says lead only on that as well as the turkey 22" barrel
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    new to site

    well im here just to learn a little more about my mossberg 535 and maybe some hunting.i have a question i have a turkey barrel and moss xx full choke,they both say lead only,is copper coated lead fine or does it have to be all lead shot?