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    Mmr hunter 16 inch

    Looking for some feedback on anyone with with a mmr hunter 16 inch for predator hunting? Any one have any pros and cons ??? Can’t find much info this model?? Thanks
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    NEW Mossberg MMR Modern Rifle Hunter Tactical AR15 5.56 .223

    Looking at purchasing a mmr hunter 16 inch barrel for predator hunting. Looking for any reason not to purchase it seems like solid ar15 anyone give can give me some feed back would be great
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    Mmr hunter yes or no

    looking for some advice I’m picking up a MMR Hunter 16 inch free-floating barrel picture is attached. using it for predator hunting looking for pros and cons if any On picking one up.
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    Looking for advice on mmr hunter

    Hello all looking for advice on picking up a 16inch free floating mmr hunter for coyote hunting. Looking for pros and cons attached is a pic of firearm
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    MMR hunter

    Looking for advice on getting a mmr hunter 16 inch for predator hunting. It’s the non tactical version.has a solid one piece stick no forward assist no dust cover. Mainly looking for advice on accuracy of them??