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    Show off your Mossberg Tactical .22!!!

    Check the flash hider barrel threading string.... I picked up a NcStar muzzle brake for my carry handle 715T. It fit very tight, I gently tapped it on with a rubber mallet after putting some WD40 inside it for a little lubrication. Fits tight enough that the lock nut isn't needed.
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    Mossberg 715T Magazines and Mag Troubleshooting

    Re: Mossberg Tactical .22 715T- Magazines I have a pre-order in at chicagogunsmith.com, they claim they're distributor should have 25-rounders in mid-January...keeping my fingers crossed! $20.xx each
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    Mossberg Tactical .22 715T- New owners area...

    I put a small piece of fuzzy side velcro on both flat spots on the top of my 25-round magazine, then installed the mag into the rifle for a few days to let it settle in, seems to do the trick, nice and tight feel now!
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    Mossberg Tactical .22 715T- Optics

    Re: A decent inexpensive red dot scope???? I picked up a BSA red/green/blue dot sight at Cabela's for 39.99, got it sighted in, works great!
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    Mossberg Tactical .22 715T- New owners area...

    Re: New rifle owner 715t Hi Tony, I'm a newbie here too. You have lots of looks but no replies, so I figured I'd start things off. By the looks of your scope, it should sit on top of the rail that is on top of your carry handle. You'll need to loosen the attachment scews a bit so the...
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    715T Flash Hiders/Suppressor/Barrel Threading

    Re: NcStar 10/22 flash supressor Itsricmo- I tried to post some pics for everyone, but they are too large to post! I'll keep tryin' though. Looks like my Colt M-16 A1 now!
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    715T Flash Hiders/Suppressor/Barrel Threading

    Re: NcStar 10/22 flash supressor OK folks, I put some lubrication inside the muzzle break and got it set on the barrel, then gingerly tapped it down with a rubber mallet...went on all the way, nice tight fitment. I am confident it will not fall off when shooting like some others have experienced!
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    715T Flash Hiders/Suppressor/Barrel Threading

    NcStar 10/22 flash supressor Hi everyone! I'm new to the forum. I picked up a 715T W/carry handle. I have a BSA RGB sight on it, and everything sighted in. I ordered a NcStar 10/22 flash supressor, and it came today. I have a question for those that have installed one on their "weapon...