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    Question If The Month (September 2022) (Shooting Frequency)

    More this year since I joined a gun club. But work has had me by the yams this past month.
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    Question Of The Month (August 2022) (Prepping)

    I’ve stocked up on ammo during the trump years. food I need to address a bit better. We are starting a garden in 2023. I had MREs but got destroyed by mice in my old apartment. When Covid hit MREs went. Looking to restock Black Friday. Been restocking canned foods and meats. Though the...
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    July 4th

    Happy Independence Day. I built a rifle that is completely in-neutered. No more NY compliant rifles for me.
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    Question Of The Month (July 2022)(Scotus Ruling)

    The new red flag laws are dangerous and clearly unconstitutional. the new 21 to buy rifles is clearly unconstitutional. ATF ban on bump stocks are unconstitutional. NY new gun bill. Or any gun bill they pass is unconstitutional. AWB laws are ignorant and unconstitutional.
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    Got the RDS and mount on one of the AK pattern rifles

    Sorry. My new job I work two shifts - 8am-5pm and 8pm-11pm. swamped. Building a new department. On track to make partner in the firm in 3-5 years. I transformed one of my garands to a mini G and added a primary arms red dot. Damn thing was still heavy. Sold it a while back to fund a new...
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    Speaking of shooting ranges, do you...

    Love the freedom. Standard capacity mags, stocks that fit. Buying a handgun in 20 minutes. Full CCW Carry. I am a member of 2 private gun clubs. living on the skeet field these days but need to reconfigure a rifle or two.
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    Speaking of shooting ranges, do you...

    I bring more water and a towel. :sniper::ripper:
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    Photo and text transfer test.

    sorry. Moved to a new state, built a new home, started a new job, created a new life. Hasn’t been easy. Resistance at all major points in this process. I trust God. getting past the next month I can breathe again. And everything should even out with work/life balance.
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    Question Of The Month (February 2022) (Sexiest Gun)

    Wilson Combat SFX9 https://www.wilsoncombat.com/sfx9-hc-4-solid-frame-x-tac-15rd/
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    NY SAFE Act compliance?

    Hey guys checking in: there’s no precedent on what’s legal and what’s not legal with regards to the stock for AR-15s in NY. You basically have two options: create a fixed magazine with a 10 round mag locked in there using epoxy in the mag release area. There’s a few people who make something...
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    Question Of The Month (January, 2022) (Covid)

    Moved from NY to a free state. Thanks covid. Pushed my wife to agree to leave communism
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    New Your State might start incarcerating non-vaxed, C19 cases, and CONTACTS

    we are home schooling our daughter. Same reasons.
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    Merry Christmas

    Hope everyone had a great Christmas! Apparently SC wants me to stay. Got a promotion and a 10% raise. Took a pay cut to leave NY. Basically back to my salary before I left. :cheers:
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    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas!