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  1. Mustachio

    Florida members

    Mustachio aka Mike from Boca Raton, FL
  2. Mustachio

    Model Identification Help: Which Mossberg 500 Do I Have?

    Mine is a 500c in 20 Gauge. I changed out the skeet barrel for 18.5" for home defense. Can change back if I go skeet shooting.
  3. Mustachio

    Firearm Photo Gallery

    Pictures of a couple of my long guns: 1. My Charger with folding stock 2. Ruger 10/22 w/Magpul Hunter stock and 3x9 scope and Silencerco Warlock II suppressor 3. H&R 12 Gauge single shot with Choate stock 4. AR15, Palmetto State Armory upper, Aero Precision lower w/14.5" barrel 5. Colt 6450...
  4. Mustachio

    Also looking for a 500 18.5" security barrel

    It would be lead shot, but I totally agree with you.
  5. Mustachio

    Also looking for a 500 18.5" security barrel

    totally agree with your solution...I hear that Churchill is made in Turkey and are of high quality. For the price you did well.
  6. Mustachio

    Mossberg 500 Pump Action Photo Gallery

    here it is with the shorter barrel.
  7. Mustachio

    Also looking for a 500 18.5" security barrel

    the question is, will my local indoor range let me shoot these to see how they print? they allows slugs only at the range. I will have to ask.
  8. Mustachio

    Also looking for a 500 18.5" security barrel

    I have a limited supply and will only shoot a few to see where they print.
  9. Mustachio

    Also looking for a 500 18.5" security barrel

    got my 18.5" barrel today and swapped out the 28" field barrel...man it looks different. The inside was a bit rough, but my bronze brush with some polishing compound shined it up real nice. I will post pics tomorrow of the before and the after. I will get to the range next week and try some...
  10. Mustachio

    Anyone using a Kahr S9?

    I don't have an S9 but I regularly carry my CM9 in Black Cerakote
  11. Mustachio

    AR15 and variants Part 2

    It gives good suppression and I like the mono-core. It makes cleaning it much easier. I coat it with non-seize grease which capture the burnt powder and vaporized lead.
  12. Mustachio

    Also looking for a 500 18.5" security barrel

    they also told me that all parts are going into manufacture of firearms and not parts replacement. So, they are making a lot of parts and only a few go out for replacement...I bet you will hear from them soon.
  13. Mustachio

    Want to buy 20 gauge barrel 18.5"

    Just bought one from Mossberg this week for $105.
  14. Mustachio

    Also looking for a 500 18.5" security barrel

    Just found an 18.5" 20 G barrel on the Mossberg site...I got an email notification and went to buy it...I ordered it and BAM it was out of stock...I got lucky on that one and it will be delivered on Monday, Sept. 17
  15. Mustachio

    My single shot journey to 12gauge

    My H&R 12 gauge shortened to 18.5" with Choate stock. That stock stores a lot of ammo, as well the forend. I have two adapters for it so I can shoot 20 G and 410.
  16. Mustachio

    AR15 and variants Part 2

    My two AR style rifles. One is a Palmetto State Armory upper mated with an Aero Precision lower, the second is a S&W 6450 in 9mm w. a 10.5" barrel and suppressor.
  17. Mustachio


    My Beretta 92FS made in Italy with G decocker, reduced trigger pull @ 3.5#, Cool Hand G10 grips, metal trigger, skeletonize hammer and a red dot sight. This is a tack driver.
  18. Mustachio

    Today I changed out my EDC CCW sidearm

    I carry one of three guns, a Kahr CM9, a Shield 9mm, and a S&W model 60
  19. Mustachio

    1911 Grips, Handgun Grips

    Both of these grips are from Cool Hand Grips and are very reasonably priced.
  20. Mustachio

    1911: Pics and Discussion

    My only 1911 is a Springfield Armory Range Officer in 9mm.