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  1. m-forgery

    Brick by brick...

    I made the following upgrades to my Shockwave. Run down: S&J Hardware plus one extension. NDZ red anodized aluminum follower. Longer magazine spring, Wolf springs. NDZ FDE aluminum oversized safety. Streamlight TL-Racker forend. Carlson Magnaported barrel. Bigdot front sight. Mesa Tactical...
  2. m-forgery

    Dreaded stiff safety.....

    I replaced the safety with an NDZ before shooting the first time. Did not have the stiff safety syndrome. The tamperproof screw securing the factory safety was real easy to remove.
  3. m-forgery

    Behind the door guns ??

    Two flat urethane coated magnets, like skateboard wheels, are affixed to bed rail on my side. Currently a Shockwave is on my side of the bed.
  4. m-forgery

    Anyone find any mini-shells for sale?

    The Gents good evening. Targetsports still has some of the short shotshells in stock unless I got the last of it.
  5. m-forgery

    Anyone find any mini-shells for sale?

    I found a few boxes of the Federal Shorty shotshells locally. Have a new Shockwave 12ga to test.
  6. m-forgery

    Shockwave Photos

    Trying a different magazine tube extension that allows stuffing 9 mini-shotshells I'm the tube. Reliability testing to follow later.
  7. m-forgery

    Anyone care to comment on the TL Racker or GG&G light rails?

    Streamlight really put their engineers to work on the TL-Racker. Nothing can touch it in that price point. Running these on a Remington TAC-14, 870 Police Magnum, and now my Mossberg Shockwave.
  8. m-forgery

    Best full length stock for 18.5"

    Take a look at the Mesa Tactical pistol grip stock. I have one on an 870 and it feels very nice.
  9. m-forgery

    Tool/spanning wrench for forend nut removal

    I have both the Magpul and the Shockwave Industries action slide wrenches both work equally well. https://shockwavetechnologies.com/product/raptor-forend-nut-tool/
  10. m-forgery

    Lessons learned

    Please do not attempt to clear your home and property yourself. Leave that to the professionals. Also don't engage the intruder(s) unless forced into the confrontation. The OP was in a four on one confrontation which, IMHO, would have resulted in a negative outcome. If you have a community...
  11. m-forgery

    Hearing Protection in an HD situation

    I have a two pair of MSA Sordin headsets. They hang on a bracket on the bed rails. Batteries are replaced once a year unless they have a lot of range time, then it's every six months. These clip the gunshot an also enhance you hearing.
  12. m-forgery

    Shockwave Photos

    Run down: S&J Hardware plus one extension NDZ red anodized aluminum follower Longer magazine spring NDZ FDE aluminum oversized safety Streamlight TL-Racker forend Carlson Magnaported barrel Bigdot front sight Mesa Tactical Polymer six round side saddle Pachmayr slip-on grip That's all for now.
  13. m-forgery

    Plus One Magazine Extensions That Work?

    Here is my 590 Shockwave with the S&J Hardware plus one. But found that I can load 8 Federal mini-shotshells in the tube. May need to revert to the OEM spring. Now I have swapped out the S&J Hardware for one from taccom3g on the bay. This one will allow me to load 9 rounds in the magazine tube...
  14. m-forgery

    Shockwave - Ready but Safe

    I concur with crusier ready.
  15. m-forgery

    OPSol Mini-clip

    Received mine today and is 100% reliable with the Federal mini-shotshells using a 590 Shockwave. Only brand I have on hand.
  16. m-forgery

    Mossberg Shockwave 590 12ga Action

    What is the length of the action slide tube on a Shockwave 590 12ga? I searched w/o results. I'd measure mine but I'm not near home. I need one of these for a Streamlight TL-Racker if anyone has one in their parts box.
  17. m-forgery

    Anyone polish their shotgun chamber? What method did you use

    Steelwool in 3 or 4 ought with Flitz works great for me. Wrap a ball of steel wool on the end of a cleaning rod or wood dowel. Chuck in a drill and polish away Good luck .
  18. m-forgery

    Assembling receiver parts of Mossberg shotguns

    Performed a detail strip on my new to me 590 Shockwave last night. First Mossberg too. I can strip an 870 in the dark if I had too. The Shockwave assembly took forever . Found a few good videos and finally figured out how to install the bolt. Man that's frustrating until you learn how to...