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  1. Djcala

    1911: Pics and Discussion

    Nice looking pistols. Could ya elaborate on thoughts of the rawhide wrapping ? What's the advantage I guess I'm curious
  2. Djcala

    I signed my retirement papers today

    Il skip to the end......I read the last chapter brothers GOD WINS
  3. Djcala

    I signed my retirement papers today

    Been runnin up n down the road , spreading some good news my friend. :oldman:
  4. Djcala

    Backup communication

    HAM and GMRS both. For family The GMRS Repeater network in our region is impressive and effective, made it worth the investment. I would suggest anyone shopping GMRS purchase programmable repeater capable radios. KO4EDK WRJZ693 ATL607
  5. Djcala

    I signed my retirement papers today

    Congratulations and many thanks. Enjoy the fruits of you labors.
  6. Djcala

    Gimme back my bullets

    Gimme back my bullets
  7. Djcala

    Bladder Cancer Biopsies

  8. Djcala

    Outdoor cooking for everyone, post away your outdoor dishes.

    Once ya say smoked chili, nothing else need be said YUUUMMMMM!!!
  9. Djcala

    HAM radio, anyone?

    Ps if ya are remotely addictive personality disorder HAM is dangerous. 2 years ago I had nothing, now I think 11 handheld, 2 of my vehicles with mobile mount radios n them, a base unit in house with a big antenna outside, plans for another base unit in house this year and hopefully our own...
  10. Djcala

    HAM radio, anyone?

    Like guns maybe worse, radio recommendations online can get testy......,,,,, so il give ya a link to watch and enjoy. I will also say I started HAM with a Baofeng (cheap china) uvfxp and a yeasu 4x??. I sold the Yeasu , I own 4 Baoefeng tribands(cheap) and 3 Kenwoods(not cheap) those are...
  11. Djcala

    HAM radio, anyone?

    Information is life in a crisis, Comms provide information. Get aggressive on your journey. Id surely get that Ham ticket sooner than later. Depending your location ,,ie the repeater network in your area GMRS license is fast and easy and covers entire family. In my area GMRS network is...
  12. Djcala

    Black powder lets see um

    just go ahead and grab a mold , wads and quick tubes, extra bore butter till ya decide to make your own , if a nipple wrench didnt come with pistol get one also. You can punch own wads but for the price I dont mind buying em, I buy unlubed and if I want em lubed its easy to do. Enjoy...
  13. Djcala

    Results of gun care product evaluation

    yes its really a thing and it smells PERFECT
  14. Djcala


    Great post :good: Love the reel love its story of resurrecting and good as new. Success with them nuggets from bargain shop is awesome. Nice fish I need to get back to doing some fising myself one day.
  15. Djcala

    Black powder lets see um

    @Daryll I believe you may fall in love as I did many years ago. The cap n ball revolver is pure joy for me, it checks many pleasure boxes the pure mechanical beauty, the ability to experiment with each chamber loaded as an individual with various powder combinations round ball or conical 2f...
  16. Djcala

    Black powder lets see um

    The day is young, get with the program. Its nice having ability to literally make your own projectiles AND propellant in a pinch
  17. Djcala

    Black powder lets see um

  18. Djcala

    Wheel GUNS!!

    Picked up a combo awhile back . .44 with attachable butstock check one off the old bucket list. 1860 Army made for CVA circa 1978 ish......nicely done Italian by Armi san marco. Its well fit good tolerances reflected in its accuracy. I don't believe the stocks really caught on during war of...
  19. Djcala

    Full auto at home instructable

    So ya didnt even watch the video ?? :lol: