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    New Mossberg International Gold Reserve Supersport 12G

    I have.a Silver Reserve (Turkish)..I have had now issues with rust anywhere on the gun.I bought it to shoot trap and sporting..The only issue is the trigger is Not Good, causing a flinch while shooting trap..I haven't had it out for Sporting yet..just my 2c...
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    Seeking a Bantam Stock for a Model 500

    Thank you for your feedback..I have checked all over...those things are rare as hen's teeth...I am hopeful that I will find one before he is ready for a big boy 12ga....
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    Seeking a Bantam Stock for a Model 500

    Does anyone on here have a Batam Stock for a 20ga???? My grandson received a 20ga model 500 for Xmas..I would like to put a Bantam length buttstock on so he can shoot what he has..
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    New member

    Welcome from the Buckeye State
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    Greetings from Ohio

    Located in Centerville
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    Rememberence Day, Vietnam War Veterans Day, March 29th

    Welcome Home to all our OUTSTANDING Vietnam Veterans..We will never forget you....
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    Greetings from Ohio

    Been a lurker for a bit around here.. Finally thought I would Join and say Hello.. Currently own Mossberg International Silver Reserve 12ga,,, Mossberg 500A,,, Mossberg 835...