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  1. carbinemike

    Question Of The Month (August 2023) (Biden and Trump)

    With multiple criminal charges placed (Trump) and mounting evidence of corruption going to the top (Biden) will either make it to the general 2024 election?
  2. carbinemike

    Question Of The Month (July 2023) (Old Friend)

    Do you have a gun you think of as an old, loyal friend?
  3. carbinemike

    Question Of The Month (March 2023) (Balloons)

    What was the purpose of the Chinese balloons floating over North America in February?
  4. carbinemike

    Question If The Month (September 2022) (Shooting Frequency)

    How often are you target shooting? Is that more, less or the same as previous years?
  5. carbinemike

    Question Of The Month (August 2022) (Prepping)

    In the last 10 years we have had shortages of guns and ammo multiple times as well as common items like baby formula and toilet paper. As a result, have you become more or a prepper, less or no change?
  6. carbinemike

    Question Of The Month (July 2022)(Scotus Ruling)

    With the Supreme Court ruling in NYSRPA vs Bruen case now in the books (less implementation) what gun laws, if any, would you like to see targeted and removed as unconstitutional?
  7. carbinemike

    Question Of The Month (June 2022)(Worst Lie)

    This week, President Biden informed the world that a 9mm "high caliber" bullet can remove a lung from the body. What are the worst and most dangerous anti gun claims in your lifetime? Post as many as you like.
  8. carbinemike

    New AGAIN!

    Welcome back @stigmata! Good to see you're still kicking and tinkering with firearms. Cya ya around!
  9. carbinemike

    Trudeau said he's banning all handguns in Canada

    Trudeau is trying to milk the two recent shootings in the US. I'm sure he is trying to advance his socialist agenda before getting booted from office.
  10. carbinemike

    Question Of The Month (May 2022)(Exodus)

    In a follow up to last months question. If the US or your home country were invaded like the Ukraine and you had to bug out, where would you go? Thanks go to @MikeD for this months question. Thanks for last months goes to @ripjack13
  11. carbinemike

    Question Of The Month (April 2022) (Red Dawn)

    I have edited the original question to specify being invaded by another nation's military. Some polls have shown 30% of Republicans and over half of democrats would bail out if we were invaded Perhaps another month we'll address the current, non military, invasion for which we don't do...
  12. carbinemike

    Question Of The Month (April 2022) (Red Dawn)

    Howdy, This is a monthly series of questions topic for everyone to join in on the discussion. Some of the questions may have a poll, and some will not. Don't be shy now, go ahead and post an answer and vote in the polls. If the United States (or your home country) were invaded by another...
  13. carbinemike

    Question Of The Month (March 2022) (How Far Will It Go)

    How far will Putin go? Will he continue with other former satellite nations of the USSR? Will China, sensing weakness move on Taiwan? Will other countries counter militarily with troops?
  14. carbinemike

    What's going on with the Canadian Convoy?

    I think it's great...long live the convoy! The worst fear of politician's is exactly this. Not only are they not blindly following orders they, they are doing something about it while inspiring others. The worst thing the government can do at this point is come down hard on them.
  15. carbinemike

    Question Of The Month (February 2022) (Sexiest Gun)

    What do you think is the best looking gun ever made.
  16. carbinemike

    Question Of The Month (January, 2022) (Covid)

    Man, covid kicked my butt. I think I laid around for 5 straight days with aches, pains, cough and a low grade fever. It was about 12 days in until I started having energy again and didn't need a nap or two. I don't remember ever being down that long. The closest was pneumonia one time. I never...
  17. carbinemike

    Question Of The Month (January, 2022) (Covid)

    I'm positive for covid. After numerous unneeded quarantines it finally caught me. This is the sickest I have been since a real bad bout with the flu 25 years ago. The cough is down a lot as the prednisone is doing its job.
  18. carbinemike

    Question Of The Month (January, 2022) (Covid)

    I'm waiting on a test. My dad and sister are positive. I've been coughing so hard I get light headed. I'm starting prednisone tomorrow. This is the 4th or 5th time to quarantine for me and all were false alarms. I have enjoyed working from home the last 18 months. This week we went back to on...
  19. carbinemike

    Hello From Pennsylvania !!

    Welcome from SE Pennsylvania!
  20. carbinemike

    Question Of The Month (January, 2022) (Covid)

    How, if at all, has Covid changed your life?