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  1. Rodburner

    Defender tactical adapter install

    Never done a gun related review before. (Liberal snowflake and all that). Many of us 590 owners use the Opsol adapter so that we may use the various brand mini shells at the expense of being able to pop in a standard shell occasionally in the heat of battle. The new 590S addresses this from the...
  2. Rodburner

    Birds of a feather..

    Never mind..
  3. Rodburner

    Just checking on Elbert Garrett

    since I’m not allowed to private message him. I hope he’s just taking it easy away for the interwebs after his tussle with COVID and shingles at the same time. I miss his ammo tests..Steve
  4. Rodburner

    Ok,here goes..

    I don’t know any of you guys, will never meet any of you guys, but when I say I’ve enjoyed my time on this forum, I mean it. I’ve read countless posts, viewed lots of pictures, memes, cartoons and jokes about the demoncrats and all the groups that are lumped in with them. No problem. I’m not...
  5. Rodburner

    Tax stamp questions

    Sorry, I’ve looked at countless articles about this but was hoping for some simple head slapping answers. I put a Hogue pistol grip on my shockwave and made a simple extension to bring the length to 26.75”. But when trying to decipher the limits of modifications I get confused. Is the SW a...
  6. Rodburner

    Hehehe,half done hybrid

    I guess my hands shrunk with age, but it always seemed like I wasn’t really holding the grip tightly enough while firing. My trigger finger was extended way out there or I had to ride my hand up to the top of the grip...So, slipped this Hogue on there this morning. Feels good so far, but of...
  7. Rodburner

    At home range

    Wondering if anybody else has resorted to scratching that itch in your garage, basement or back yard. I know Mr. Garrett has a nice looking setup, but are there others? I live in a residential neighborhood and have taken to occasional shots in my attached ex garage. Yes, aware of legal issues...