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  1. Water Monkey

    In South Carolina

    Made the big move to SC on Friday. Staying in Greenville till the house is finally built. Great to be in Free America!
  2. Water Monkey

    Skeet shooting

    With all the run on ammo lately I’ve gotten back into Skeet shooting more aggressively. Birdshot is plenty. been sitting on the Skeet range the past 3 weeks. Slowly upping my average. I’m shooting about 20/25 clays per game. had a couple of 23/25. hoping to hit that 25/25 before the...
  3. Water Monkey

    It’s on. Wife gave the ok to move

    My apartment lease runs out 7/1/21. Wife gave me the ok to move. TN is the primary right now. Will look for a job after the new year. Clarksville seems to have solid homes in my price range- $250k 4 beds 2000+ sqft and 1/4acre land or more. No HOA.
  4. Water Monkey

    Half Day Rifle Course - I Need To Put In More Work

    I was very fortunate over the weekend. About a month ago my friend, and pistol instructor, invited me to an invite-only rifle class. Probably because I’ve been up his butt for over 12 months to start having a dedicated rifle class on top of his pistol classes. He has been working with a friend...
  5. Water Monkey

    45 ACP PCC?

    Going to be selling off some hand guns due to my elbow issues and having a difficult time shooting them for extended periods without soreness or pain. I made a 9mm PCC and I love it. Shoots great and can shoot for extended periods with limited discomfort. I'll be selling off my only 45 ACP...
  6. Water Monkey

    Water Monkey Memes....

  7. Water Monkey

    Looking for a new EDC folder

    Title says it all. Currently carry a Fox 599 karambit the past few years. Good and bad about carrying it but I'm going back to the straight blade. Knife has held it's edge without sharpening this whole time and has had a few bouts in the washer/dryer without rusting. NY has a 4" blade law for...
  8. Water Monkey

    Benchmade Knives - Anti-gun

    looks like benchmade knives assisted Oregon State Police in destroying firearms slated for destruction. Igram has been on fire over it. People did some digging and found out that benchmade knives has been donating to a well known anti-gunner politician in Oregon...
  9. Water Monkey

    Oregon Semi Auto Voter Ban

    Go to the 17 min mark for discussion on it from the sponsor
  10. Water Monkey

    NY gun owners getting hosed again

    #5 01-29-2019, 04:12 PM LBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) - The New York Senate passed a number of anti-gun violence legislation on Tuesday. The following bills were passed in the Senate: - indicates bill passed both the Senate and Assembly. Extreme Risk Protection Orders. Allows law enforcement...
  11. Water Monkey

    Happy Thanksgiving

    you filthy animals
  12. Water Monkey

    OR governor sinks low

    http://mynorthwest.com/1112081/governor-inslee-marksmanship-certificates/ Sadness
  13. Water Monkey

    Annoying news... and some good news

    The old Water Monkey has had a lagging elbow tendonitis issue the past couple of years. 5 cortisone shots have yet to alleviate the issue (problem rears its ugly head 3-5 months after injections). I've done PT, worn a brace for months, took pills etc. So they are going to cut me open and do some...
  14. Water Monkey

    This is my clay buster

    There are many like it but this one is MINE: Been having some fun with her the past few weeks shooting 20-23 clays per skeet game lately Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon III Sporting with 30" Barrels (discontinued a few years ago) with upgraded wood from Cole's Gunsmithing Shot 15 games last week...
  15. Water Monkey

    Video: Monkey hitting the skeet range

    Got out Saturday morning for a couple of hours for 4 rounds of skeet. Been mentally working out my hold points and look points the past couple of weeks based on instruction from private instruction and watching some youtube videos from Todd Bender. Wanted to put some things to the test...
  16. Water Monkey

    Practical Rifle Course 1 - Review

    Took the MDTS all day rifle course on Sunday 4/29/18. Overall had a great time and was accompanied by 14 safe shooters who had good fundamentals out the gate. Showed up around 830am in the rain as the MDTS team set up for the day Purpose built my rifle with the asst instructor Rob from the...
  17. Water Monkey

    R. Lee Ermey (Gunny) has passed away

    http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2018/04/15/full-metal-jacket-actor-r-lee-ermey-dies-at-age-74.html Passed away from pnuemonia. God bless this man. Raul
  18. Water Monkey

    Had to Thin the Herd... Sadness

    Got hosed by my insurance company when I went to the ER when I threw out my back late last year. My primary or a specialist couldn't see me and I was in a lot of pain. Was told to go to the ER if I was in a lot of pain so I did. Got a bill for $2K from the hospital saying my insurance was...
  19. Water Monkey

    AWB proposed in Oregon

    http://oregonvotes.org/irr/2018/042text.pdf Go get em @oli700
  20. Water Monkey

    Lord Jesus NY has no republicans

    several gun Bills passed assembly with several republicans (including my rep) voting for it. 10 day waiting period Ban on trigger modifications And some other draconian laws. Ugh. I'm teaching grappling in 2 hrs. I'm gonna send some people in the air tonight.