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  1. Coyote56

    FS-OR3GUN/GG&G Components for 930

    New…installed but never used for live fire. Removed from a 930 SPX (sold it). Would prefer selling as one lot. $125 for all except barrel clamp. That’s already spoken for. Shipped CONUS. Payment by USPS money order preferred. Personal check ok also.
  2. Coyote56

    Mossberg 930SPX/Benelli M2 Tactical

    I have a Nordic Components barrel clamp for a 930 SPX I would like to use on my M2. The 930 has a “heavy wall barrel”. Any first hand experience as to compatibility?
  3. Coyote56

    Let The Games Begin

    So now we shall look at both the Mossberg 930 SPX and Benelli M2. Both purpose built as defensive weapons. One uses an Inertia Drive..clean, easy to maintain and reliable. The other a low recoil, established gas system. Which is better? What do y’all think?
  4. Coyote56

    Any experience with this product?

    I’ve used pretty much most snake oil out there. Fell prey to this stuff…had to give it a try. Not noticeably better than others but their cleaning solvent is legit. Price is up there…not sure the value is there. Anyone out there been using this?
  5. Coyote56

    Gas to Inertia

    I have had (and currently own) auto shotguns in both gas and inertia configurations. When all is said and done, I’ll take an inertia drive over a gas operated shotgun every time. After a considerable period of comparison, and weighing the pros and cons, the Benellis and Browning A5 are gonna win...
  6. Coyote56

    Screw size for Safety Button

    Anyone know what size screw is used for the safety button on most Mossberg shotguns? I’m not inclined to re-use the original one…