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  1. Bobster

    12ga Bullpup semi-auto, $218 (in the cart), PSA 9mm, $120 12ga pump

    LINK to Tokarev shotgun. I know nothing about this gun... PSA Dagger (blem) FDE, with threaded barrel and reflex sight cut, Glock clone, $300 LINK Pump 12ga $120 LINK
  2. Bobster

    Am I cursed? Or just the gun... :D Heritage Rough Rider Dot Sight Install!

    I've had this Heritage Rough Rider for about a year and a half now. 6.5" barrel, single-action and I also bought a 22 Mag cylinder for it. It is capable of shooting some decent groups but the fixed sights are off an inch or two at 25', to the left and down. This got me to thinking about putting...
  3. Bobster

    Is the Mossberg Factory in Texas Safe???

    I've been hearing about the border at Eagle Pass being run over with invaders. If you look at the map, the Mossy factory ain't but a stone's throw from the border. I'm curious and wonder if they will be shooting to kill in the event of a breach OR if they are just going to let the factory be...
  4. Bobster

    New Mossberg 590S: Takes Mini up to 3" shells interchangeably...

    Check out this article courtesy of the NRA. LINK
  5. Bobster

    870 question, shell catches coming out of chamber...

    This is actually an H&R Pardner Pump. Just finally took it to the range to check function and it didn't. :rolleyes: After firing a shell it FTE and tried to jam another shell up in there. Unloaded and put back in trunk. :( Back at shop, I've determined the shell hangs up on what I call the...
  6. Bobster

    Happy Birthday US Marine Corps!

    Happy Birthday US Marine Corps!
  7. Bobster

    The Start of Something Good? Glock 19 Deadpool Slide and Barrels...

    The Start of Something Good? Glock 19 Deadpool Slide and Barrels... Picked these up locally for $250 last Saturday. I found them on a "local" guntrader website. I limit my search to 20 miles and guy was just around the corner and I was the first lucky contestant. :) He was firm on the price as...
  8. Bobster

    High Speed Ballistics Photography by Herra Kuulapaa

    High Speed Ballistics Photography by Herra Kuulapaa This may have been posted here before but I think it is cool enough to post it again. Credit to www.kuulapaa.com :) Many more pics at this LINK
  9. Bobster

    Shortening a HR1871 "Pardner Pump" Barrel to 19ish Inches

    I am blessed to have the technology to shorten shotgun barrels so they look "factory" when done. I have all manner of metal-working tools including a horizontal bandsaw, hand deburr and tapping tools, deburr wheels on a bench grinder as well as old-school files. I coat exposed surfaces with cold...
  10. Bobster

    Wayne LaPierre Interview by the New York Times, Dec. 18, 2019

    The attached pdf has been created by me and links, etc. that didn't apply have been edited out. It is 12 pages, narrow margins. I haven't read it yet but when I do, I'm sure I'll have something to say. ;)
  11. Bobster

    200 Husky Sockets for $79! WHAT?!?

    200 Husky Sockets for $79! WHAT?!? I ordered this set online last Thursday for $99. Were also in my local store on Friday. I received them yesterday, Tuesday, shipped free and no local sales tax (6.5%). Wouldn't you know them sumbitches lowered the price even more! I'll be going into the...
  12. Bobster

    These dummies will make you smarter (AND safer!)!!

    These dummies will make you smarter (AND safer!)!! Picked up these "proving" rounds along with a Hogue FDE AR grip for my "birthday" discount from Midway. All made in the US, btw... Fiocchi 12ga were $6/10, A-Zoom (Pachmyr/Lyman?) Instructor "kit" were $18/11 and Magpul 5.56 under $5. "Normal"...
  13. Bobster

    Mossberg MC1sc Article from April 2019 American Rifleman

    I figured this would be of interest to members. Perhaps move this to the "in the near future" "Mossberg Pistols" category. ;) Thanks to NRA and American Rifleman magazine for a well presented article (6 full-size pages, 950k).
  14. Bobster

    New Tool for the Police: BolaWrap

    Wraps around your legs and "anchors" into your calves or thighs. Story and Video LINK. Only a matter of time before someone shoots it around someone's neck! Sheriff Mike in the picture.
  15. Bobster

    Another "Gun-free Zone" Shooting...

    You've no doubt heard of the video game contest shooting in Jax. Just in case you were wondering why no one shot back... LINK
  16. Bobster

    590 and Rem 870 Box-fed Article from American Rifleman

    The attached pdf comes courtesy of the July 2018 edition of American Rifleman (paper) magazine. It goes over the new box-fed pump shotgun offerings from Mossy and Remington. If you are a member of the NRA, you may have seen it already. If you are not a member of the NRA, WHY NOT?!? o_O
  17. Bobster

    Chicago Introduces New Citywide Gun-Sharing Stations

    This older article LINK was linked to by a recent Townhall article. ;) The Townhall article LINK commented on an "art" exhibit in Shitcago that compares the ease of bike-sharing to buying an AR.
  18. Bobster

    Anyone Going to Tallahassee the 14th?

    Anyone Going to Tallahassee the 14th? o_O I'd like to but the 4hr drive each way might be a deal breaker. My route would be I-4 to I-95 to I-10. MAYBE carpool? I'm just super busy at the moment though... :(
  19. Bobster

    School Shooting in Parkland, Florida... :-(

    By now you have heard about this most recent school shooting. And of course, you've probably heard about calls for more gun control in the wake of the tragedy. :rolleyes: This post is not about those things as my feelings would be preaching to the choir, so to speak. In other words, there...
  20. Bobster

    So true...

    You may need farcebuk to view this VIDEO. I thought it was funny... :) (not the best range safety etiquette, though... :rolleyes:)