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    Dirty good for nothing @@**@^%$# couldn’t do it !

    So now you give raises to people that don't do their job. I would like for just one of those sob's to try to support their family working at the 99 cent store or any other place where they can get a job. I hope that the young people in this country wake up soon. This is just nucking futs.
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    Solar Panel price check on aisle 3

    Some of the dealers in San Diego sell factory 2nds nothing wrong with their output just cosmetically blemished. If you can find other people in your area and buy a whole crate and pick them up yourself that would save quite a bit. Also go to http://www.homepower.com this is a bi-monthly magazine...
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    DocNugent's Notachainsaw

    Since the first time I saw the Chainsaw I thought the handle would work better if it was mounted so It was under the barrel, upside down if you will. That way you could sight down the barrel. Just my opinion. However I do like the mods you have done.
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    Using a shotgun as a rifle?

    You need to give us more info on what you want to achieve. This question is too vague to give specific data.
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    Stuck in San Diego (National City)

    If you are looking for gun related stuff check out http://www.calguns.net website. Use the search button. Also look at the http://www.Lemon Grove Gun Club.com site. They have non member events that are nice. If you like rimfire every 3rd saturday they have a match and visitors are welcome.
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    If you KNEW an economic depression were coming...

    I do not think you can compare people now with people that lived in the last depression. I believe mankind has gone down a notch or two in the last 100 or so years. IMHO
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    Solar Battery Charger

    There are some very good posts on http://www.calguns.net in the camping/survival section about solar chargers and rechargable batteries.
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    An extremely loaded (pardon the pun) question.

    The only shotgun shell that did not function for me was a .410 guage about 50 years ago, and then it was probably the fact that it was left in my my dad's truck thru the winter before I found it and tried to shoot them. I reloaded many 1000's of .20 guage years ago and none of them failed to do...
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    Answering roll call....new 930 SPX on it's way

    Welcome to you Sir, and enjoy your stay.
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    Anyone else notice the price of ammo going up?

    If any of you guys are in Socal Big 5 has CCI 22lr in 500 bulk packs for $20., thru this Saturday. Reg price now $24.95 up from 2 months ago. I picked up 5 bricks which added to my other should hold me thru the elections.
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    Handgun Recommendations and Advice...

    Re: Handgun Recommendations, Need Advice... I love my M&P .45 ACP. I have the one with the amb. safety and being left handed it is great, comes with 2 10 round clips but when I got mine they had a special with 2 extra free clips. Never had a problem with mine. For home protection you can mount...
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    Anyone else notice the price of ammo going up?

    With a lot of our troops coming home I was hoping it would go down a little. A brick of .22 where I live has gone up over $2.,. :( :(
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    Farmington Man Holds Burglary Suspect At Gunpoint

    This is a hard call, what if the BG killed someone in the last house and you let him run away not knowing this. I think this calls for a backup gun that you hide before the police gets there. I know for a fact that police officers carried back up guns when I was on the force, which was a long...
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    Range Report

    Hi Ben, thanks for the review. The question I have is 4 out of 5 with the 930 looks good but the fifth was low and to the right, was this the last shot or do you remember? I am thinking of purchasing some of this but I have to check w/SGammo about sending it to Ca., yes I know I live in a messed...
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    Busting Myths & Telling the Truth....

    Education is a good thing
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    My 590A1 is getting Fat

    Look at the bright side. The more you shoot the lighter it gets, until you relaod.
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    Verbal warning or silent strike?

    I would suggest that you know what the laws are where you live. I live in Ca. so the laws here are not on the homeowners side. Deadly force here is permitted but you need to dot your eyes and cross the (T's). It may help to find a gun forum in your state and ask them questions, if you live in...
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    Old Video, New News! 500 vs Frozen Chicken

    Chicken a-la Mossberg. I like. lol
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    Hello from new 930 HS owner at CA

    Welcome Max, from another guy from Socal. There quite a few people from Cali here. Good people here so if you have any questions ask away.
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    Is the 930 SPX "drop safe" ?

    In the middle of the night and half asleep I would rather not have any in the chamber that is all.