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  1. meanstreak

    Who pays ?

    I have no idea of the monetary damage inflicted on Ukraine, or what the final tally might be. I am quite certain though that they will look to the west when it is time to rebuild. We will have politicians crowing about our humanitarian duty to help. Mind you we are already spending billions...
  2. meanstreak

    Russian oil...

    New reports the last two days claimed the United States imported about 230,000,000 barrels of oil last year from Russia. It was like 520,000 barrels per day. Meanwhile, our gas prices have gone up 40%, and our oil companies are under attack by our own government. What the hell is really going...
  3. meanstreak

    Nuclear arsenal control...

    #1 Biden #2 Harris #3 Pelosi. Let that marinate for a while.If that is not sobering nothing is.
  4. meanstreak

    Non lethal

    My sons gave me this.
  5. meanstreak

    The January 6 commission

    Political theater.
  6. meanstreak

    How would you handle antifa ?

    National guard or local militia, Live ammo. That would be my solution to handle the scum.
  7. meanstreak

    4 Years of lies by the left.

    Four years ago half the nation was celebrating the inauguration of President Donald J. Trump. Remember all of the democrats that refused to attend and the ones that were talking about impeaching him. The Obama/Biden administration had officially handed the attempt to overthrow the incoming...
  8. meanstreak

    How long do we (gun sites) have ?

    With all of the purging and censoring going on, coupled with the Biden/Harris desire to infringe on the 2nd amendment I wonder if our days are numbered. What do you think ?
  9. meanstreak

    9 1 1

    Never forget...
  10. meanstreak

    Shout out to Hombre

    Hombre, that storm that tore through yesterday went through your neck of the woods. I hope you were hunkered down in a safe place. When ya can let us know how you are .
  11. meanstreak


    The American right had best put their fiddles away. The left is burning the country down.
  12. meanstreak

    Los Angeles teacher Union.

    Demands: Defund police,Medicare for all,Money for illegals,No resource officers in schools. Otherwise they are not going back to school. Just another arm of the Democratic Party. I would hope the people of L.A. would see the light and run them out of town. Preferably to the west.
  13. meanstreak

    Another precinct..

    First Minneapolis, now Seattle. What the hell, these mayors and Chiefs just letting anarchists take over. That is a terrible signal to send. When and where will the next one fall ?
  14. meanstreak

    Defund or abolish police.

    What the hell is wrong with these looney liberal mayors. They are promoting total chaos in the streets.
  15. meanstreak

    D-Day, 76 years ago

    76 years ago, think about that. The world was a much different place. So many gave their lives on the beaches of France. Let us never forget the sacrifices made and the reasons we were there. I salute those of the greatest generation. May their sacrifices not be in vain.
  16. meanstreak

    Cheap gas

    How much is gas in your area presently ? I paid $1.12 for regular at Sam's Tuesday. Most of the name brands here are about $1.35 for regular.
  17. meanstreak

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter to all of you and your loved ones. This year is very different, but it shall get better. Keep the faith and stay safe. God bless the active duty and military veterans that protect our right to worship as we see fit.
  18. meanstreak

    Impeachment inquiry...

    Here we go again. The fact Biden and son were probably up to nefarious deeds is unimportant to the Democrats. This is Hillary 2.0. I hope this blows up in their face as well. Of course the media has already hung Trump out to dry. The Dems certainly do not want an investigation into what was...
  19. meanstreak

    Back to the 60s

    It seems we are headed back to the 60s. Protests turning into riots, ICE facilities literally being attacked. Demonstrators tearing down the American flag and running the Mexican flag up. Even attempting to firebomb government buildings. Me thinks this time the effort is much more coordinated...
  20. meanstreak

    Memorial Day

    A salute to those women and men that have and are serving our nation.