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  1. LTB45

    Should I prioritize fitting my Shockwave with an aftermarket safety?

    Great thanks Mike! Really busy raising a 4yo and trying to keep competing shooting Trap. The 4yo is winning. ;)
  2. LTB45

    Moving target

    Use one gun if you want to become proficient breaking clays. If you are just out to have fun then enjoy shooting with any and all guns you have. Plenty of people start off just shooting for fun, but competion shooting soon follows. Enjoy, whatever you choose.
  3. LTB45

    .45 at home

    Love my 21! Nothing but 13 rounds of goodness! ;)
  4. LTB45

    my retro sling choice

    Get a grind to fit pad. Belt sander will hog it down to exactly the right fit. Plenty of videos on YouTube to show how. Then you get the satisfaction of making it fit yourself instead of buying a bolt on accessory
  5. LTB45

    The Walking Dead... (SPOILERS INSIDE!)

    Hilarious how they have to hold a rope so that all can take the long walk to Aaron's house in the snow storm. He lives in the neighborhood!!! They are down south in Virginia, how bad can the storm really be??? The next day when the gates to Alexandria open there is barely 2" of snow on the...
  6. LTB45

    590A1: Convert to 5 Shot Tube

    If you really want to decrease capacity with a plugged tube (I can't see why anyone would) except for when hunting and the max would be 1 in the pipe and 2 in the mag, at least for waterfowl. Use the same kind of stick that mossberg supplies with a 500. Nothing more than a dowel that fits in...
  7. LTB45

    Moving target

    I have no experience shooting at moving targets. I have no trophies for it either. Being a member of a club will help get you hitting flying targets. Shoot as often as you can. It will soon be second nature.
  8. LTB45

    Should I prioritize fitting my Shockwave with an aftermarket safety?

    I like customizing my guns! When it comes to shooting them, I think that shooting them every weekend qualifies me as someone that SHOOTS!
  9. LTB45

    Should I prioritize fitting my Shockwave with an aftermarket safety?

    I replaced the safeties on a few of my 500's. When hunting with gloves on the larger aftermarket switches are easier to actuate. It had nothing to do with concerns of breaking them.
  10. LTB45

    The Walking Dead... (SPOILERS INSIDE!)

    Hell of a shocker last night. Put the hook of the show back into me! All I want to see is REVENGE!
  11. LTB45

    Dry firing

    Dry fire in any gun that is NOT a rim fire is fine. I have dry fried shotguns and rifle and pistols THOUSANDS of times with no issue at all. At least this is my experience. I don't have a 590 but I do have 4 500's. I can't imagine how a FIRING PIN can engage a safety through dry firing.
  12. LTB45

    50%AMMO TAX

    OC is legal in CT as well.
  13. LTB45

    50%AMMO TAX

    Another reason why I make all our 12ga For Practice and Competition! Connecticut is forcing me to LEAVE!
  14. LTB45

    Kids in school drawing pictures of GUNS ~~ Oh My GOD!!!!

    I have a soon to be 4yo little girl that will be raised heavily on the shooting sports. I am already preparing for battle with school liberals. I have numerous pro 2a attorneys that I call friends!
  15. LTB45

    Question Of The Month. (November 2018) (Shockwave)

    Not to get off topic but, Stoeger NOPE NEVER. I know 2 people that had them. 1 would fire both barrels with one trigger pull. The other was a Home Defense model. After cleaning it, my friend loaded the gun, closed the action and blew a hole in his living room wall. If you still want one....go...
  16. LTB45

    Question Of The Month. (November 2018) (Shockwave)

    All my shotguns are for shooting stuff that flies. I have plenty ;) Nope!
  17. LTB45

    Ga dove hunting

    Wish we had a season here.
  18. LTB45

    The Walking Dead... (SPOILERS INSIDE!)

    Saw it and liked it! Looking forward to Ricky being DEAD! Last season made me hate him! How often are you going to just miss killing Neagan??? Then you catch him and lock him up???? WTF??? Maggie got it right! Death by hanging!! Gonna miss her since she is leaving as well :(
  19. LTB45

    Levi's Blue Jeans Takes Sides In Gun Debate..Please Boycott

    I had heard years ago how anti gun Levi's was.....I have been boycotting Levi's and their other brand Dockers for MANY YEARS!
  20. LTB45

    Annoying news... and some good news

    Good luck with the surgery and getting yourself better!