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  1. Bathrobeman

    New scope. Newbie Parallax question

    Hey gents. I just got a 4-16x scope that allows to adjust the parallax. So the the manual states, “Parallax compensation changes neither the focus of the reticle nor the focus of the image; it simply moves the planes at which these two objects are in focus so that they share the same plane. Look...
  2. Bathrobeman

    About where would this hit at 200 yds?

    This is a 50 yd zero aiming for the bull at 102 yds. Will it still be climbing out to around 200 or will it have started to drop? Basically, if I would have held dead center at 200 do y’all think I would’ve missed the paper high? 5.56x45 75gr Hornady bthp form a 16” barrel. I think they do...
  3. Bathrobeman

    IWB Holster Help

    Is there such an animal as an in the waist holster that isn’t a pain to wear when in a car? This is what I’m currently using and I can’t really have the gun in it while I’m driving and I can’t really put the gun in it unless I get out of the car. It rides in the 3:00-4:00 position which is good...
  4. Bathrobeman

    Ez Mil Spec AR Trigger Job

    Home AR trigger job Items needed: 1k, 1500, 2k, 2500, & 3k grit sandpaper. You can find it at auto parts stores. You will also want a polishing compound such as Brasso. Start w/ 1k grit & sand until you don’t think it is getting any smoother. Keep the piece you are working lubed w Brasso...
  5. Bathrobeman

    The many uses of..

    Here’s a product that is marketed for one thing, but is good at another. How does it relate to the forum section? I figured there’d be a lot of lube type stuff going around (that’s what she said). What y’all got?
  6. Bathrobeman

    Hornady 75gr 5.56x45 BTHP “test”

    Hey fellas. I was sighting in this weekend shooting into a box of sand. At 25 yds the bullet was pretty much destroyed. I don’t know how they’d do on softer tissue but they fell apart nicely in the sand. Also, need a backstop? Fill a box with sand. https://m.youtube.com/shorts/NMf4xrjb0Uw...
  7. Bathrobeman

    Bore sight blues

    I used an Amazon laser to bore sight a new scope. Well I went to the range and I wasn’t even on paper. Not even at 25 yards. I was lost at this point, didn’t know if I was high or low. So I went home and started over with the bore sight laser. Well this it’s what I have going on. If I remove...
  8. Bathrobeman

    Mav 88 “torture test” video

    Check this out.
  9. Bathrobeman

    Savage Model 64 .22LR

    I haven’t been shooting in a little while but I banged around on the ole Savage .22 today. It’s always a fine shooter.
  10. Bathrobeman

    “Gun Control” A question for the “old timers”

    For those who have lived through several similar times as these, how does the current situation compare to the past? I guess what I mean is say in the ‘90’s when the assault rifle ban came about, at the time did it feel like they were pretty close to banning firearms all together? How about now...
  11. Bathrobeman

    Shooting Bags- Deal of the day

    $10 bags filled with $5 rice. They’re on sale now it looks like actually. I paid like $10 or so shipped...
  12. Bathrobeman

    Savage Model 64

    The Savage Model 64 is probably one of the best bangs for buck out there in the shooting world. It’s light, accurate, and it costs a little over $100. I bought one in the late 90’s when I was 16. It was rode hard and put up wet and it finally crapped out on me about two years ago. I decided to...
  13. Bathrobeman

    DIY Trigger Job & action smoothing w/ Results

    I’ve had Mcarbo trigger springs in my 88 for several years now and the trigger was ok, but still had room for improvement or so I hoped. The action wasn’t bad but I wanted to clean it up too. So I tore it apart and got to sanding. I used 1k up to 3k grit and pretty much every piece that comes...
  14. Bathrobeman

    Tula- How “bad” is it?

    Has anyone had any decent experiences with Tula? Or is it the worst thing since smallpox?
  15. Bathrobeman

    New Case in the house. I have a question.

    I got a Plano “All Weather” case today. It’s the “pluck to fit” type. I think it will suffice.
  16. Bathrobeman

    Newbie question. Hog hunting

    What would be a better choice for pigs with a 1:8 twist 16” barrel @ around 100 yds give or take? A heavier fmj or a lighter hollow point? Say Hornady Black 75 grain fmj vs Hornady “full boar” 50 grain hollow points? What’s the better choice? All recommendations welcome. Thanks fellas...
  17. Bathrobeman

    Target practice

    I’m not sure if this is correct section or not. But I did a little shooting this past weekend. It was only my second time out with this gun. 16” Eagle Arms A-15. Mbus rear sight and A2 front sight. Target- four post it notes 50 ish yds away. Sitting on a tailgate no bench rest. I have the...
  18. Bathrobeman

    Engraving Color Fill

    My kiddo and I color filled in the engraved logo on my Eagle Arms Eagle-15. It was easy and it turned out quite nicely I say. Here’s a link to the vid where I learned how.
  19. Bathrobeman

    Interesting Video

  20. Bathrobeman

    A2 Pistol Grip Mods

    Hey y’all, just thought I’d show what I did to improve (for me) a standard A2 pistol grip. I cut off the finger nub and the bottom piece that’s supposed to help you from dropping it. With them on there my hand didn’t fit the grip all that well but now it fits quite nicely.