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    Mmr hunter 16 inch

    Looking for some feedback on anyone with with a mmr hunter 16 inch for predator hunting? Any one have any pros and cons ??? Can’t find much info this model?? Thanks
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    Mmr hunter yes or no

    looking for some advice I’m picking up a MMR Hunter 16 inch free-floating barrel picture is attached. using it for predator hunting looking for pros and cons if any On picking one up.
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    Looking for advice on mmr hunter

    Hello all looking for advice on picking up a 16inch free floating mmr hunter for coyote hunting. Looking for pros and cons attached is a pic of firearm
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    MMR hunter

    Looking for advice on getting a mmr hunter 16 inch for predator hunting. It’s the non tactical version.has a solid one piece stick no forward assist no dust cover. Mainly looking for advice on accuracy of them??