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    I bought a extra magazine for my Patriot.350 Ledgend. After waiting almost a year for it to be in stock. I just got it last Friday. I loaded it and of course just my luck it wouldn’t work. It points the bullets down so when the bolt slides forward to chamber the round the bullet slams into the...
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    Backup communication

    So what’s everyone’s backup communications plan. I know most are going to say a Ham radio of some sort. Getting the license is fairly extensive and most won’t want to get that much involved in radio. A lot will say CB . My plan is to have several types . GMRS radio being my mid range...
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    Mossberg 500 double feed

    I’m having trouble with double feeding in my mossberg 500. I have replaced the shell stop and shell interrupter . I have also replaced the shell lift / elevator. I replaced the shell fallower . The shell fallower is the only non Mossberg factory replacement part. I’m still getting double feed...
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    I have another new knife.

    So I finally broke down and Monday ordered a new knife from SMKW . It’s the Buck GCK. I had it overnight shipped so it came yesterday . It’s the tan spear point model. Out of the box it was sharp very sharp . I haven’t seen a Buck knife from the factory that sharp in a few years. This one...
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    Water filters and

    What’s your favorite portable water filter? I have the sawyer mini water filter and I also have the Aquamira Frontier pro water filter . It cost a little more then the Sawyer mini. What I think makes it better is that first it has a pre filter. Also the main filter is replaceable. It can be used...
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    Winter survival .

    What clothing and gear do you have ready in your BOB ? I have some wool clothing pants wool shirt jacket. Wool gloves extra wool socks. I'm also a hunter so I will also most likely be wearing warm insulated clothing . I also pack a little more food then normal. All of the food has high...
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    Scope brand

    What scope brand is Mossberg puting on there Patriot rifles? I think it's mostly on the rifles chambered in 350L and 450BM Sent from my A503DL using Tapatalk
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    SAS (Survival Archery Systems) take down bow

    I was looking at the SAS Survival bow . It's light packable . The riser can store 3 take down arrows . Im not found of the arrow rest that it comes with or the lack of sights . Other then that I think it would be a nice addition to a survival kit/ bag. Have any of you guys used one of these bows...
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    Planing on a new knife ?

    I'm planning on buying a new knife this summer. It's a fixed blade combat type knife. It's made by Buck . It's the Buck GCK . The knife is made of 5160 high carbon steel . It has G10 or Micarta handle scales . 10.75 inch over all length. The sheath seems to be a decent sheath also. The price...
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    Patriot 450 Bushmaster

    I'm thinking about getting the Patriot in 450BM . Do any of you have one? If so how do you like it. Sent from my A503DL using Tapatalk
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    Off Grid liveing .

    How many of you live off the grid ? Or how many would love to live off grid ? I would love to have some land somewhere surrounded by national forest land . That way I would not have to worry about land developers takeing over the land around me and building malls etc. When I say off grid I just...
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    Lee Classic loader

    I have a Lee classic loader in 45-70 gov. I haven't used it yet . I was wanting to know if any of you guys use one ? I plan on reloading .300 gr. jacketed bullets . I'm also going to use IMR 4198 . I don't have the money for a scale yet . Would it be safe to use the dipper that came with the...
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    Eyeskey millitary style compass

    Has any of you had one of these compass ? I have been checking them out . They seem to be fairly decent . I'm going to check reviews latter on. I just wanted to here if any of you have on or tried one out. Sent from my A503DL using Tapatalk
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    I want to get into canning meat . Then latter veggies and fruits . I have never done this before . It is something I want to learn so I can add to my preps. Plus I think it would be a good skill to have. Is there a good canning book for a beginner? Are there any tips or recommendations ...
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    Magazine pouches for a bolt action.

    I have a Patriot in .350 ledgend . I want to get a couple extra magazines . Thing is I would like to know what kind of pouch guys use for extra magazine . I don't want to carry loose ammo or extra mag.in my pocket I want to have the extra magazine readily available. Sent from my A503DL using...
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    New Patriot owner

    I'm a new Patriot rice owner . I have mine chambered in .350Ledgend . I like it so far . I know I can get extra magazines for it . I will be useing it for deer hunting and some mid range coyote hunting. I don't want to carry loose shells so I'm going to buy a couple extra magazines. My...
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    Knew knife

    I just ordered a new knife yesterday. It's a Ontario Rat 5. It isn't a Top's knife . All the reviews are good on the Rat 5. I'm not sure that I'm going to like the sheath . I'm going to look into a kydex sheath for it. It should be here Tuesday . If I like it I think I will buy it's big...
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    New used barrel

    I just bought a new used barrel . It has been cut down to 18.5 inches. The barrel is a vent rib. Now "Bubba" also put a fiber optic slide on bead. My question is what can I do for a bead ? I not really a fan of clamp on or slide on beads . I thought of drilling and tapping the rib. Then putting...
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    Slim gun belt /battle belt

    I was in the Rocky Boot outlet store the other day. I came across a slim battle belt it had a Cobra buckle a Velcro inner belt. It also had MOLLE loops .It looked to be close to the blue alpha gear range duty belt . The only difference it had MOLLE type loops on it . I never bought it it was...
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    Walnut stock and forearm

    Any of you guys know if I can get replacement stock and forearm made of walnut ? If I can't get factory replacement stock and forearm is there a aftermarket walnut stock and forearm option with out going to a custom shop and haveing one made ? Sent from my A503DL using Tapatalk