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    New to the site...

    Welcome from Texas
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    How Many Mossberg's Do You Own?

    I am down to zero for now until I decide on what Mossberg 12ga to get.
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    New Old Man on the Block

    I was looking for the like button but here ya go "LIKE" and welcome
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    New Old Man on the Block

    Welcome ;)
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    Sunny Johannesburg, South Africa, New guy.

    I was just there a few months ago. Welcome,
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    Lets talk about gun safes

    Yes, and the reason I want an underground safe is because of the bad guys are known to use a fancy metal detector to scan houses for safes, guns and etc...while driving
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    First line of defense, Tactical Dog Thread!

    Yes, and they are very brave and easy to train.
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    First line of defense, Tactical Dog Thread!

    Not a dog but I just added Piggro to the heard since pigs appears to have a better hearing and smelling than dogs.
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    Lets talk about gun safes

    I am looking for a safe. My current safe/ giant box is not cutting it after watching the video on this thread. I am thinking about an under ground/ under the floor type of safe.
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    Just bought Mossberg 500 Persuader

    Nice 8-) I've been looking at buying another one.
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    Anyone in the Fire/EMS field?

    NFD and CSFD/ ARFF ;)
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    How did you hear about or find MossbergOwners.com??

    I found out when Dan was talking to me about starting a gun forum, and we were out on the trail off- roading our 4x4 rigs.
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    Newbie from Navasota Tx

    Kool beans, let me know when you get here.
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    Newbie from Navasota Tx

    Thanks everyone 8-)
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    Newbie from Navasota Tx

    It's been a while but I am back. I still have all of my guns except the Mossberg 500 pistol grip, I gave it to my sister as a gift so now I am looking for another one. Cheers!
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    Hello from Canada

    Welcome 8-)
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    East central Iowa waving a hand.

    Nice guns 8-) Welcome
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    Howdy from Mo.

    Welcome 8-)
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    Hello from Long Island