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    930 vs 590 recoil

    got the part last night and installed it. I am not sure the previous owner ever fired it. Funny thing, it has a choat extension tube but the stock follower. I was considering getting an aftermarket follower but upon disassembly the choat follower came out the extension tube so now I can get 7 in...
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    930 vs 590 recoil

    I ran across a 935 used that had a choat barrel extention and the barrel cut to about 20", just what I was looking for. I test fired it with oo buck and bird shot, both 2 3/4. It would not cycle the bird shot so I ordered the part from or3gun we will see what it gets here. More plesant to shoot...
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    Choat barrel extention ?

    Picked up a 935 a couple days ago. I was considering a 930 for self defense but ran across this used. It has had the barrel cut down very professionally and a choat magazine extension tube. I am not sure how many rounds it should hold. It looks like standard is 4+1. The tube holds 6 2 3/4...
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    18.5" Barrel for 935 ?

    I know I am a little late to the game, but I just picked up a 935 used that has a choat extension tube and the barrel was cut down professinally to about 20 inches. Something like this would be a good option for what you were looking for. OO Buck at short range would be very effective against bears.
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    590 SPX/930 SPX - General Info and Question about Side Saddle Compatibility

    Get some velcro and shot cards. Cheaper, easier and more flexible.
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    930 vs 590 recoil

    I have a 590 but am thinking of getting a 930 for less recoil and a couple medical issues. What is the recoil difference between the two?
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    590 barrel nut coming loose possable solution?

    500 and 590 have a diffrent set up on that end. Thank you.
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    590 barrel nut coming loose possable solution?

    cap is stock detent ball fell out thus problem I would have to replace the barrel ggg sling mount has detent ball. It is not working thus unscrewing. A common problem with the 590 Here is the sling attachment https://www.gggaz.com/mossberg-590-sling-attachments.html
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    590 barrel nut coming loose possable solution?

    I have a 590 from 20+ years ago. The dentent ball cam out so it unscrews when shooting. I got a GG&G sling mount with a detent ball, still unscrews. Here is my idea. Drill a hole through the cap and mag tube and run a cotter pin through to keep it from coming off. I could also drill and tap and...