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  1. Joker18

    For Those Still Upgrading their 930

    I don't know how many of you are still adding upgrades to your 930. I feel like I have added so much that I almost have a 940 (with the exception of the redesigned 940 buttstock). Many of my add-ons have been internal parts from SBE Precision and OR3Gun. The purpose of this post is to share...
  2. Joker18

    Hello from NC

    Found this site while completing a search for a "how to" install a replacement (metal) safety on my 930 shotgun. I have done it on my 500, however the 930 has that clutch head screw. I have a good history with Mossbergs, owning a 500 pump, a customized 930 for 3-gun (which I have waaay too much...