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  1. Husker88


    A while back I bought 7.62x51 Subsonic 200 Grain FMJ Sellier Bellot rounds, thinking they would be great for the AR-10, now that I have a can for it. Then I read the fine print: due to the lower pressure to get the rounds sub-sonic, they won't cycle a semi auto rifle. Has any Patriot [or...
  2. Husker88

    Feeding The Homeless

    I like Steve Lehto's channel. He comes up with some incredible cases.
  3. Husker88

    Good morning

    Just today the mother of one of the KC shooters [a VERY large inner city club :) ] came out asking that a Go Fund Me be set up for her and her criminal son. THAT's the mentality that keeps this warped entitlement mindset alive. One local radio station came out and said 'screw you and screw...
  4. Husker88

    Aromatherapy For Old Men

    I have to admit that I don't know the difference. I'm very new to shotgunery. ;)
  5. Husker88

    pictures that make you lol

    Ditto, but it's a lot easier to get caught these days what with all the cameras around.
  6. Husker88


    Excellent. One SERIOUS rifle.
  7. Husker88

    Good morning

    Same old KC. Ten years ago KCMO was ranked the 4th most violent city-per FBI stats. It’s slipped in the rankings some, but not for lack of trying. Most of what makes the news happens within an area of about a few dozen square blocks. If this terrible event would have happened on a weekend...
  8. Husker88

    Good morning

    It’s looking more like gang violence although there are spinning it to “disputes between groups of people “. You’re right - the media is going to drop this hot potato since they didn’t get their “mass shooting”. Hospital reports are also being carefully worded. Another 2 days & we’ll likely...
  9. Husker88

    Good morning

    Here in the Kansas City Area the politicians are having a field day with the shooting incident near Union Station after the big Superbowl Victory Rally. The rally was over, but there were a lot of people still hanging around enjoying a rare nice February day. It's going to take the FBI field...
  10. Husker88


    Welcome from Kansas USA! That is one serious rifle. Enjoy it thoroughly.
  11. Husker88

    New Buckeye Here...

    Welcome from the geographic center of Flyover Country!!!
  12. Husker88

    Thanks for the add, New '88 Owner here

    Welcome. I bought the same model for the same reason.
  13. Husker88

    Good morning

    Considering I need a smart phone to tell me what day it is, a grain of salt or two should accompany most of my postings. My annual physical was last week- fun stuff. Left me a little….distracted. Everyone take care of yourselves and have a great week.
  14. Husker88

    Good morning

    Thanks for letting us know where you stand Rodburner. Freedom of speech is still allowed here.
  15. Husker88

    Firing Pin Spring - Remove?

    ‘sometimes you have to put 200-300 rounds through it to break-in. Translation: we don't have a clue what's wrong or how to fix it. Fingers crossed that the new spring is the fix. You've waiting long enough. So far my experience as a Porsche owner has been pretty good. Compared to waiting...
  16. Husker88

    How did you hear about or find MossbergOwners.com??

    Welcome. I like it here. I’ve picked up about 20 years of knowledge in just a couple of months.
  17. Husker88

    Good morning

    @CaddmannQ - Have you ever displayed some of your work over on the Garage Journal forums? They have a separate category for fabrication & related stuff. https://www.garagejournal.com/forum/
  18. Husker88

    SOLD: FN Self-Loading Police (SLP) 3" Magnum Semi-Auto 12ga Shotgun w/ Full SLP Tactical Accessories and Bonus Extras...

    Thank God. I came so close to sending that PM to you. That was one great deal for someone.
  19. Husker88

    New Mossberg Professional 590 and 940

    I don't need another shotgun. I don't need another shotgun. I don't need another shotgun. I don't need another shotgun. I don't need another shotgun. I don't need another shotgun. :doh:
  20. Husker88

    Good morning

    Second day of sunshine in a row this month. Temp hit 60 yesterday. We're all waiting for the other snowshoe to drop. :frazzled: