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  1. stigmata

    1000% tax on AR15s proposed by House Democrats...WTF.

    Don't know how this is legal, but I'm sure this is not why we put this idiots in office, to screw us, beacuse im sure the criminals don't give a flying F... about tax increases and laws imposed on firearms because Im pretty sure they would just commit another crime to get them.
  2. stigmata


    Anyone have any trigger and pump time with the 590S? Claims it can cycle 3", 2-3/4" & 1-3/4" or any combo of that out the box. Is that something new?? Thought most pump actions can, just not certain if the semi-auto would consistently. I know my 590 has been loaded with 2-3/4" & 3"...
  3. stigmata

    New AGAIN!

    What's up guys im back....:omg: Been a long time since I've been here, probably about 5 or so years, between working and moving and life....oh and I have acquired a lot more pew pews in the process to share and gained alot of knowledge especially on AR building....lol. And to think it all...
  4. stigmata

    CQR stock and forend finally arrive

    Well it's only been since shot show when I pre ordered my Herra Arms CQR set and it finally showed up in the mail after 5 months of waiting. Guess it's not bad for having 12k other ppl ahead of me when I preordered. So here it is...... Don't have any real plans for it yet. Might incorporate...