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  1. Bobster

    Good morning

    My dad tried to get in at 16 in '43. I think they let him in the Merchant Marines (ie: Liberty ships) and in '44 at 17 he was able to get into the Navy. Air crew in the Atlantic hunting U-boats.
  2. Bobster

    Oregon's New Gun Law Will Soon Stop All Gun Sales Including The Guns Hunters Thought Were Safe

    What happened in MI? I mean you have Ann Arbor and Detroit and Dearborn (and others?) but we have have Miami, Tampa, Orlando, Tallahassee, etc. here and we did our part this (and last) time around... The only logical and sensible reason I can think of in MI and AZ and GA and other formally...
  3. Bobster

    pictures that make you lol

    Note to self: don't look in the wife's nightstand... :D
  4. Bobster

    Sometimes you see something that you just want to share

    It would have if the Germans had followed the rules! ;)
  5. Bobster

    Trudolph Liberals Ban Legal Handgun Imports

    I live in a "city" that I would consider to be a "bedroom community" for Orlando. A large portion of the population travel to Orlando for work at the attractions or hotels or whatever. Orlando is about a 1/2 hour away and getting further due to traffic--they can't build roads fast enough. LINK...
  6. Bobster

    Good morning

    Although welders shouldn't be grinders, ;) sometimes you have to grind and for what you just did I would have recommended a 4-1/2" grinder with skinny wheels such as these... LINK
  7. Bobster

    Sometimes you see something that you just want to share

    I wonder if there are any gun ports ala Maginot Line...
  8. Bobster

    Help with "bluing" copper plated steel

    Outstanding! Very well done! Thanks for updating! :)
  9. Bobster

    One Giant Weiner?

    The first few words of "I'm the slimedia and I'm lieing" begin with "A source told MSNBCNN that..." :rolleyes:
  10. Bobster

    Billionaire's Gun Control Group Sues Daniel Defense Because The Uvalde Shooter Used Their Rifle

    To your first point, I am a firm believer in Personal Responsibility. The ability to be man or woman enough to step up and admit you are wrong is largely missing from society. Everyone (present company excluded) is out to blame or disparage someone else to make themselves feel better. Second...
  11. Bobster

    WTB: Mossberg 500 slug barrel 12GA

    Ebay of all places may have one. Do a search of "mossberg 500 barrel" and see what pops up. There is also GunBroker. I think you can save your search term and be notified when a new listing matching the search shows up...
  12. Bobster

    Good morning

    I had to fix the riding lawnmower the other day so I could get one last cut in before the grass goes dormant... :D
  13. Bobster

    Trudolph Liberals Ban Legal Handgun Imports

    A shotgun or hunting rifle owner may think "I don't have a semi-auto rifle or pistol so the confiscation laws won't affect me." Well, think again, buddy--they will be going after your semi-auto and/or"military" short-barrel shotgun next. AND that "sniper rifle" you've been hunting deer with for...
  14. Bobster

    Good morning

    Somewhere around here I have a little "gag" side off the box of the squaw kneeling with the LoL in front of her bosoms. The butter is a flap and made so if you lift it up, it will show her bare breasts! :eek: :D The "breasts" are actually her knees from the other side of the box. Woke...
  15. Bobster

    Bidens Blunders

    I'll bet if they search this demented sexual deviant's house, they will find a lot of other stolen goods like Gucci, Micheal Kors, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana handbags, etc... :mad: That POS freak should resign immediately!
  16. Bobster

    940 JM Pro...slack @ barrel-chamber

    Can you tighten the mag tube ext and nut any more with the bolt back? Maybe wiggle barrel while you do it? Welcome Aboard! :)
  17. Bobster

    Treeline forend light = TL-Racker

    Looks like a hand grenade! :D Tell us about the buttstock...
  18. Bobster

    Good morning

    We had Tday dinner at our neighbors, sort of a potluck event in their garage and in the driveway. It was looking like rain so I brought my 10'x10' tarp and a couple extra tables for the overflow (dropped off earlier with my car). About 30 people showed up. We walked from our house maybe an 1/8...
  19. Bobster

    Good morning

    (whispered out of earshot of Cadd) "ok, let's humor grandpa by riding his bikes so he quits bugging us about it..." :D
  20. Bobster

    Bidens Blunders

    I don't think it is a sign but this popped up on FBM the other day... :rolleyes: