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  1. TheRude1

    9-11-01 Tribute

    And then I had to change it :(
  2. TheRude1

    Mall shooter KILLED

    I tried to post the link( but I'm an idiot when it comes to this stuff). But a gun free zone Greenwood park mall, Greenwood Indiana yesterday evening a man entered the mall with a long gun(no info on firearm yet) and like a coward and shot several people. Then a 22 yr old lawfully licensed...
  3. TheRude1

    Tonight was the company Christmas party

    And a co worker really knows me. And I got her and Xtra magazine for her Glock 19.
  4. TheRude1

    From death comes life

    Several of you seen my post "With tears in my eyes" about the loss of a beloved family member Apollo. Named after the Greek GodToday we brought home Athena the Greek goddess of war and sister to Apollo. She is 11 weeks old and is like a fart in a whirlwind and she won't stay still.
  5. TheRude1

    With tears in my eyes!

    Years ago I worked with one of the meanest SOB'S to ever walk the planet and one morning we lost a dog(a member of our family, a daughter to us Kita) and I called in to work that morning to tell them I would be late cause our Rottweiler Kita passed in the night and I had to take care of her. And...
  6. TheRude1

    A present from a customer.

  7. TheRude1

    Did my own pattern test today

    Mossberg 930SPX at a friend's place today. This is the distance from my couch to the front door. Couch to back door is 12ft further. These are the rounds I have on hand. Didn't waste my time with low brass 6-7-8 shot.
  8. TheRude1

    My wife got me a present

    About 6 months ago my wife's oldest brother passed away and he had a few bucks, RIP Don. Like I said in my introduction we are a Subaru heavy family, 17 of the immediate family own them. In 2012 I sold my 2002 12.85 sec 127mph in the qtr mile WRX daily driver with 135K miles(her name was Angie)...
  9. TheRude1

    Just a few thoughts

  10. TheRude1

    Maybe work safe?

    I called the owner today and gave him my idea for the kiosk on the side of the building and he said do it!
  11. TheRude1

    Everyone: this is Martha

    I have 2 Shields, 1 version 1 and 1 2.0. But when I seen the plus I just had to have one. What can I say, I'm a sucker for more rounds in a compact. And yes I name all my firearms and vehicles.
  12. TheRude1

    Will a 500 bolt fit...

    I've been looking around and can't seem to find a solid answer. Will a bolt assembly from a 500 fit 590A1 ? On mossberg.com and they show a 500 bolt assembly along with everything under the sun for the 500. But nothing for the 590A1 just the 590 and even then no bolt, kinda leads me to believe...
  13. TheRude1

    WTS MESA Tactical adj but stock

    WTS...Had it on my 590A1 $50.00 plus shipping.In U.S.A. I bought it used from a friend but in like new shape.
  14. TheRude1

    Long Distance

    I bought this from a friend that built it for the Springfield 1000 yrs open sites shoot, so I put a Leupold 3.5X10 on it. Springfield armory match grade M1A. Had 2 flyers but this was 300yrds. Laying on the ground with a bypod 
  15. TheRude1


    I'm 5'11" and the middle window frame is nipple high to me. 127lbs and yrs I ask the vet "how much?" 2 yes old
  16. TheRude1

    Chest rigs

    I looked around and may have missed this topic. If this is a duplicate sorry, if not we'll here we go.
  17. TheRude1

    New Hoosier here

    Hello to all. I'm a big enthusiast of Mossberg, Subarus,German Shepherds and ALL my God given Rights and America. Otherwise just an average dude that has been married for 29 years to the love of my life and a proud father of our 21 year old son. Look forward to participating on the board. 500...